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  1. No longer an Apple employee I am free to discuss this. As far as I know this isn't in the works. They where talking about it, but I think it was flushed down the drain for some sort of new physical product. Down the pipeline there was talks about the iOS Watch then possibly making an actual Apple Monitor with the TV Features. I dont know, we got very little input on the matter.
  2. Covert Issue Since Silent 8.0

    I am. Just wanted to see if was cause of a bad ET install so I went back to .55 to confirm.
  3. Covert Issue Since Silent 8.0

    Ever since silent 8.0, I've been having this issue when I select the covert class on any team, the weaponbank 2 command (pistols) become unresponsive. Anyone else been experiencing this? I've done a reexec of cfg, cleared both etconfigs, manually binded the keys, exec the default etconfig. I'm at a loss. And before I continue this happens for me and another user on .6b and .55. Just wondering if anyone else has this issues before I attack my cfg
  4. Error Message Joining HC

    My cfg is minimal graphic heavy. I used .6b before and i just couldn't get my cfg to work well on it, that's when I went back to .55. I'll probably give .6b another try.
  5. Error Message Joining HC

    Yeah I know I should update. Just to lazy to make changes to CFG after doing the upgrade. I downloaded that last night, haven't had a chance to reconnect.
  6. Error Message Joining HC

    I already did that. For some reason the upgrade from Server Patch 2.6b to Patch 3.0 didn't far too well for my computer in regards towards hardcore, which looks like took place maybe 2 days ago. I remember connecting briefly but stats say 6 days. It's odd, if I was to open ET and immediately go onto HC, I get a punch of UI errors in console and all my text is gone on my ET screen outside of console. I will then use console to connect to silent and disconnect and I get my text back. Then I try to connect to hardcore and I get that message. Before you ask, I'm using the FA ET Intro screen which has been redownloaded. The silent and patch have been reinstalled to. Also took out the secret silent folders that are installed in a hidden place which didn't help. I'll do some more digging on my computer. I'll try to connect via .6B directly rather than use the patch with .55
  7. Error Message Joining HC

    im running 2.55, my patch is fine because i can get on SW which runs the same server information as hardcore
  8. Error Message Joining HC

    Hey Guys Whenever I try to join the hardcore server I get this weird error I've never seen, "Couldn't load official pak file. Please Verify Instalation" Ive reinstalled ET and same issue. Started two days ago. Heard other reports of players have connecting issues. Any thoughts?
  9. What is your favorite ET Weapon?

    I prefer the mg42 or thompson
  10. Suits

    So, background on Suits, Blackmail schemes and lawyers with betryal of course. Can it get any better? For those needing a little more, heres what IMDB has to say: On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers. But im so stoked for Season 3, which airs on USA Network. It opens in July. Meanwhile, you can take a look at USA's Website for full episodes, and i encourage you too!
  11. Legend of Korra

    I cant wait for it to come out!
  12. Legend of Korra

    Looks like we finally got a release month for The Legend of Korra. It is expected to hit the air sometime during July. What do yall think this season is going to be about. Personally I thought the first season went way to fast
  13. FOV Shooting Script //FOV Shooting Script seta cg_fov "120" set shooton "+attack;seta cg_fov 90;set vstr shootoff" set shootoff "-attack;seta cg_fov 120;set vstr shooton" bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"Sensitivity Shooting Script //Sensitivity Shooting Script seta sensitivity "4.4" set shooton "+attack;sensitivity 2.6;set vstr shootoff" set shootoff "-attack;sensitivity 4.4;set vstr shooton" bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"180 Degree Turn Script //180 Degree Turn Script bind X "set com_maxfps 40; set cl_yawspeed 13900; +left; wait 2; -left; set cl_yawspeed 140; com_maxfps 76;" Hold x for changing to medicpacks and heal //Hold x for changing to medicpacks and heal bind X "+vstr pack_1 pack_2" set pack_1 "weaponbank 6; wait 10; +attack; say_buddy ^7healing" set pack_2 "-attack; weaponbank 3"Crouching + Zooming on 1 key //Crouching + Zooming on 1 key bind X "vstr snipe" set snipe "vstr snipe_1" set snipe_1 "+movedown; weapalt; set snipe vstr snipe_2" set snipe_2 "-movedown; weapalt; set snipe vstr snipe_1"[/font] Name Changer Script // Name Changer Script set a1 "name 1; set nick vstr a2" set a2 "name 2; set nick vstr a3" set a3 "name 3; set nick vstr a4" set a4 "name 4; set nick vstr a5" set a5 "name 5; set nick vstr a6" set a6 "name 6; set nick vstr a1 set nick "vstr x1" bind "=" "vstr nick " Auto Heal //Auto Heal set healthon "weaponbank 6; wait 2; +attack" set healthoff "-attack; wait 2; weaponbank 3" bind kp_5 "+vstr healthon healthoff" FOV Changer //FOV Changer set fovswitcher "vstr distance_near" set distance_far "set cg_fov 110; set fovswitcher vstr distance_near; echo ^1far" set distance_near "set cg_fov 90; set fovswitcher vstr distance_far; echo ^1near" bind X "vstr fovswitcher"Auto Revive //Auto Revive set healthon "weaponbank 6; wait 2; +attack" set healthoff "-attack; wait 2; weaponbank 3" bind mouse3 "+vstr healthon healthoff"Zoom on Crouch //Zoom on Crouch bind c "+vstr c_a c_b" set c_a "+movedown; cg_fov 90; sensitivity 2" set c_b "-movedown; cg_fov 110; sensitivity 3"Auto Ammo //Auto Ammo set ammoon "weaponbank 6; wait 2; +attack" set ammooff "-attack; wait 2; weaponbank 3" bind u "+vstr ammoon ammooff" Auto Airstrikes //Auto Airstrikes set airstrikeon "weaponbank 5; wait 50; +attack" set airstrikeoff "-attack; wait 2; weaponbank 3" bind i "+vstr airstrikeon airstrikeoff" Auto Heal //Auto Heal set healthon "weaponbank 6; wait 2; +attack" set healthoff "-attack; wait 2; weaponbank 3" bind kp_5 "+vstr healthon healthoff"On/Off volume Basic //On-Off volume bind F4 vstr change_volume set volume_off "[color="#000000"]set change_volume vstr volume_on ; set s_volume 0.0; echo ^1Volume: OFF"[/color] [color="#000000"] set volume_on [/color][color="#000000"][color="#000000"]"set change_volume [/color][color="#000000"]vstr volume_off; set s_volume 0.8; echo ^2Volume: ON"[/color] [/color]vstr volume_onOn/Off Volume Advanced // +++ Volume Changer +++ // // = Allows you to change volume of the game without going into the settings, use the up/down arrowkeys [img=http://fearless-assassins.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif]. // = It even includes a built-in GUI (Graphical User interface) [img=http://fearless-assassins.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif]. bind UPARROW "vstr vUp" bind DOWNARROW "vstr vDown" set vUp "vstr v080" set vDown "vstr v070" set v000 "s_volume 0.00; echo ^d[^dI^7++++++++++^d]^10.00; set vUp vstr v010; set vDown vstr v000;" set v010 "s_volume 0.10; echo ^d[^7+^dI^7+++++++++^d]^30.10; set vUp vstr v020; set vDown vstr v000;" set v020 "s_volume 0.20; echo ^d[^7++^dI^7++++++++^d]^20.20; set vUp vstr v030; set vDown vstr v010;" set v030 "s_volume 0.30; echo ^d[^7+++^dI^7+++++++^d]^20.30; set vUp vstr v040; set vDown vstr v020;" set v040 "s_volume 0.40; echo ^d[^7++++^dI^7++++++^d]^20.40; set vUp vstr v050; set vDown vstr v030;" set v050 "s_volume 0.50; echo ^d[^7+++++^dI^7+++++^d]^20.50; set vUp vstr v060; set vDown vstr v040;" set v060 "s_volume 0.60; echo ^d[^7++++++^dI^7++++^d]^20.60; set vUp vstr v070; set vDown vstr v050;" set v070 "s_volume 0.70; echo ^d[^7+++++++^dI^7+++^d]^20.70; set vUp vstr v080; set vDown vstr v060;" set v080 "s_volume 0.80; echo ^d[^7++++++++^dI^7++^d]^20.80; set vUp vstr v090; set vDown vstr v070;" set v090 "s_volume 0.90; echo ^d[^7+++++++++^dI^7+^d]^30.90; set vUp vstr v100; set vDown vstr v080;" set v100 "s_volume 1.00; echo ^d[^7++++++++++^dI^7^d]^11.00; set vUp vstr v100; set vDown vstr v090;" Crosshair Color Changer // +++ Crosshair Color Changer +++ // // = The adaptation to the always-changing terrain [img=http://fearless-assassins.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif] // = Has most of the colors from white to black (rainbow colors are in between). bind RIGHTARROW "vstr nextColor" bind LEFTARROW "vstr lastColor" set nextColor "vstr color1" set lastColor "vstr color12" set color1 "cg_crosshairColor 0x000000; set nextColor vstr color2; set lastColor vstr color12;" // White set color2 "cg_crosshairColor 0xFF0000; set nextColor vstr color3; set lastColor vstr color1;" // Red set color3 "cg_crosshairColor 0xFF4500; set nextColor vstr color4; set lastColor vstr color2;" // Orange Red set color4 "cg_crosshairColor 0xFFFF00; set nextColor vstr color5; set lastColor vstr color3;" // Yellow set color5 "cg_crosshairColor 0x00FF00; set nextColor vstr color6; set lastColor vstr color4;" // Green set color6 "cg_crosshairColor 0x1E90FF; set nextColor vstr color7; set lastColor vstr color5;" // Light Blue set color7 "cg_crosshairColor 0x0000FF; set nextColor vstr color8; set lastColor vstr color6;" // Blue set color8 "cg_crosshairColor 0xEE82EE; set nextColor vstr color9; set lastColor vstr color7;" // Violet set color9 "cg_crosshairColor 0xFF00FF; set nextColor vstr color10; set lastColor vstr color8;" // Magenta set color10 "cg_crosshairColor 0xBEBEBE; set nextColor vstr color11; set lastColor vstr color9;" // Gray set color11 "cg_crosshairColor 0x00EEEE; set nextColor vstr color12; set lastColor vstr color10;" // Cyan set color12 "cg_crosshairColor 0xFFFFFF; set nextColor vstr color1; set lastColor vstr color11;" // Black Spawn Selector - The Limbo Menu replacement //+ Spawn Selector - The Limbo Menu replacement +// // This is a spawn selector. Just press F5 in game to activate: // F5 = teams (Axis/Allies) // F6 = Engineer/cycle through engineer weapons // F7 = Medic with MP40/Thompson // F8 = Field Ops with MP40/Thompson // F9 = Soldier/cycle through all soldier weapons // F10 = Covert Ops/cycle through all soldier weapons // Class selector! set team_al "vstr set_al; echo "^dA^7llies"; set tgl_team vstr team_ax" set team_ax "vstr set_ax; echo "^1A^0xis"; set tgl_team vstr team_al" set tgl_team "vstr team_al" // +++++++++++++++++ ALLIES +++++++++++++++++ // set set_al "set medic vstr al_medic; set fops vstr al_fops; set engie vstr al_engie; set soldier vstr al_soldier; set covert vstr al_covert" // Medic set al_medic "team b 1 8; vsay_team IamMedic; echo "^dM^7edic^3#^dT^7hompson!;" // Field Ops set al_fops "team b 3 8; vsay_team IamFieldOps; echo "^dF^7ield ^dO^7ps^3#^dT^7hompson!;" // Engineer set al_thompson "team b 2 0; set al_engie vstr al_rifle; vsay_team IamEngineer; echo "^dE^7ngineer^3#^dT^7hompson!;" set al_rifle "team b 2 24; set al_engie vstr al_thompson; vsay_team IamEngineer; echo "^dE^7ngineer^3#^dG^7arand!;" set al_engie vstr al_thompson // Soldier set al_panzer "team b 0 5; set al_soldier vstr al_flamer; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^dS^7oldier^3#^dP^7anzerfraust!;" set al_flamer "team b 0 6; set al_soldier vstr al_mg42; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^dS^7oldier^3#^dF^7lame ^dT^7hrower!;" set al_mg42 "team b 0 31; set al_soldier vstr al_mortar; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^dS^7oldier^3#^dM^7G42!;" set al_mortar "team b 0 35; set al_soldier vstr al_panzer; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^dS^7oldier^3#^dM^7ortar!;" set al_soldier vstr al_panzer // Covert Ops set al_garand "team b 4 25; set al_covert vstr al_fg42; vsay_team IamCovertOps; echo "^dC^7overt ^dO^7ps^3#^dG^7arand!;" set al_fg42 "team b 4 33; set al_covert vstr al_sten; vsay_team IamCovertOps; echo "^dC^7overt ^dO^7ps^3#^dF^7G42!;" set al_sten "team b 4 10; set al_covert vstr al_garand; vsay_team IamCovertOps; echo "^dC^7overt ^dO^7ps^3#^dS^7ten!;" set al_covert vstr al_garand // +++++++++++++++++ AXIS +++++++++++++++++ // set set_ax "set medic vstr ax_medic; set fops vstr ax_fops; set engie vstr ax_engie; set soldier vstr ax_soldier; set covert vstr ax_covert" // Medic set ax_medic "team r 1 3; vsay_team IamMedic; echo "^1M^0edic^?>^j>^1>^1M^0P40!;" // Field Ops set ax_fops "team r 3 3; vsay_team IamFieldOps;" echo "^1F^0ield ^1O^0ps^?>^j>^1>^1M^0P40!; // Engineer set ax_mp40 "team r 2 3; set ax_engie vstr ax_rifle; vsay_team IamEngineer; echo "^1E^0ngineer^?>^j>^1>^1M^0P40!;" set ax_rifle "team r 2 23; set ax_engie vstr ax_mp40; vsay_team IamEngineer; echo "^1E^0ngineer^?>^j>^1>^1K^013!;" set ax_engie vstr ax_mp40 // Engineer set ax_panzer "team r 0 5; set ax_soldier vstr ax_flamer; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^1S^0oldier^?>^j>^1>^1P^0anzerfraust!;" set ax_flamer "team r 0 6; set ax_soldier vstr ax_mg42; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^1S^0oldier^?>^j>^1>^1F^0lame ^1T^0hrower!;" set ax_mg42 "team r 0 31; set ax_soldier vstr ax_mortar; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^1S^0oldier^?>^j>^1>^1M^0G-^142!;" set ax_mortar "team r 0 35; set ax_soldier vstr ax_panzer; vsay_team IamSoldier; echo "^1S^0oldier^?>^j>^1>^1M^0ortar!;" set ax_soldier vstr ax_panzer // Engineer set ax_k43 "team r 4 32; set ax_covert vstr ax_fg42; vsay_team IamCovertOps; echo "^1C^0overt ^1O^0ps^?>^j>^1>^1K^013!;" set ax_fg42 "team r 4 33; set ax_covert vstr ax_sten; vsay_team IamCovertOps; echo "^1C^0overt ^1O^0ps^?>^j>^1>^1F^0G42!;" set ax_sten "team r 4 10; set ax_covert vstr ax_k43; vsay_team IamCovertOps; echo "^1C^0overt ^1O^0ps^?>^j>^1>^1S^0ten!;" set ax_covert vstr ax_k43 // Binds bind "f5" "vstr tgl_team" // Cycles through the teams. bind "f6" "vstr engie" // Cycles between SMG and rifle. bind "f7" "vstr medic" bind "f8" "vstr fops" bind "f9" "vstr soldier" // Cycles between all available heavy weapons. bind "f10" "vstr covert" // Cycles between all available CvOps weapons.
  14. Server Update F|A silEnT RECRUITING XPS

    I know I have an GUID. However, I want to back it up. Also, its calling to a different GUID than the one I already have F|A admin on. Its calling to one that I used three years ago.
  15. Server Update F|A silEnT RECRUITING XPS

    Well considering that the game is picking u;p three different etkeys on my side, the etkey doesnt exist