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Whats your Favorite Sport and Player/Team?


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No question about it.


Hockey is the best sports of all time..



and also My fav team is Chicago, Pitsburgh, Washington and Detroit.

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I like Basketball and Futbol :D


Fav baller is Carmello Anthony, and the Celtics have been my team since 3rd grade when my city league team was the celtics :P


Fav soccer player is Steven Gerrard or Luca Toni. And team is Liverpool or Bayern Munich :D

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I have to agree with Hockey, although I don't keep up with it much anymore, just like watching a good close match. I do have to pull for the Blackhawks & Penguins as those are my 2 all time favorite teams. Me wife pulls for the NJ Devils however. I would have to say my favorite Hockey player (retired now) would be Ron Hextal. He was one brutal goalie for the penguins in his day.


Also have to say my wife and I really enjoy watching UFC and WEC cage matches. Total Brutality!!!


The sports I most enjoy would be:


  • 9 ball (pool). When I was in the military all I did after duty hours was pretty much live in a pool hall and got good at making some extra money at it too ($100 + sometimes a night)
  • Japan Karate Do Organization I have been studying Shito-ryu since I was 11 (25 years now) and have made it to the National Championships several times and hold 18 medals/trophies in various tournaments including the Junior Olympics in 1991
  • International Defensive Pistol Association Probably my FAVORITE sport of all time!!!


As for my favorite player/competitor that would have to be me since these are all individual sports with no teams.

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I played basketball for a private school when i was in high school, and we actually went to our conference's national championship. :P Then again, that year we had some very tall and good players. ;)


I'm mostly a baseball and football fan though, Atlanta Braves and Green Bay Packers. XD

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