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  1. Happy Birthday Number1Dad!

  2. happybirthday bro,hope to see u soon.

  3. just stopping by to say good gaming with some of you, but there are one too many cheaters in F|A. you are brain dead if you think h4mmy is good

  4. I think I've checked Splatterladder three or four times since I started playing four years ago. It's a completely useless metric of skill. If you want to prove something, win games against good teams.
  5. Grave do you work at Black Mesa?

  6. Wyclef is a genius, he's one of those few people that can make music anybody can listen to while staying true to himself and his art. On the other hand, My Chick Bad needs to go away, the hook makes me want to take a bath with a toaster.
  7. Number1Dad


    I doubt that the mod will matter. I'll be running a short cup with it as soon as it gets whitelisted by anti-viruses, so everybody who has been accused can prove themselves.
  8. Number1Dad


    SLAC doesn't make sense for pub servers because you can't download the files in-game, and you have to register an account to use it, although it would be nice if it weren't that way.
  9. lol golf time 4 malkin.....

  10. yeah my friend was vomiting before shogun fight,poor kimbo.think he met go to boxing,better 4 him.game 7,habs win in OT..go habs go.............boo pitts....lol

  11. Hey man I wanna see the pics from Amsterdam!

  12. Yeah I got yelled at the other day for running the frost docs with 3 minutes left on the clock on HC. I like this guy though, people who play this game to win are in the minority these days.
  13. I'm definitely not pro and I'm usually between 45%-55% with pistol, I've ended up in the 60% range in scrims before which is nothing rare, there are a couple of reasons... most importantly you are usually very close to your target while using one. It also has less spread than an SMG and you are forced to burst fire. You also take fewer shots with it. It's just a matter of compensating for recoil, which is easy if your m_pitch and sens isn't insanely low. Watching stuff like this will teach you more than any reading will: http://www.own3d.tv/video/24699/mAus_the_movie
  14. This is still at least a year away, eiM has been looking for a coder for several months now.
  15. u added link with your session ID in it :P

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