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  1. Happy Birthday illusion!

  2. Happy Birthday illusion!

  3. .. for whatever reason i tried this a billion times before i made this thread, and even after, and it never workde till now... thanks though! problem solved for now haha =]
  4. the custom height and width cmomands aren't working right. they still keep the sides blacked out and just make the ET resolution weird. @sunlight i also checked my graphics panel but nothing there helped. i had this problem when i got this laptop 2 years ago... but i have no idea how i fixed it. lol :/
  5. alright so i got a 14 inch HP laptop two years ago, and its been working awesomely till about a couple months ago. the fan started going on high all of the time, instead being at "low" most of the time, and high only sometimes. i don't really mind the noise, but i noticed that my whole computer goes significantly slower, and ET and any other game lags to the point where i can barely play it. just yesterday i did a system restore that brought it back to factory specs hoping to make it go faster like it used to. instead, the fan is still on high all the time and my computer still runs a lil laggy... anyone know what might be the problem/how to fix it? ummmmm.... i think i just fixed it LMFAO... apparently my dead old battery that can't hold charges anymore was causing it, cuz i took it out and it shuts the fan up, but the second i put it back in the fan goes psycho...
  6. i just reformatted by windows 7 PC and for whatever reason it plays in a square of my screen instead of switching to widescreen. i've had this problem before when i got this laptop, but i don't remember how to fix it. i searched past threads and only found stuff like r_mode/customheight/width which didn't work, any advice is appreciated. thanks!
  7. Happy B-Day! <3

  8. illusion

    Nyan cat

    So im sure most of you have seen this before... http://nyan.cat/ but have you seen THIS? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UDhHydGiHQ&feature=player_embedded#at=11 i know theres some fellow indians in FA, hopefully you guys will like it .
  9. You deleted itunes or uninstalled it? Because there is a difference o.o and im not a computer expert with all those file things but it could be a virus. try going to your hard drive, right clicking it and going to properties, and do a disk cleanup. it might delete those temperary files that are causing problems when you open it.
  10. illusion

    Have you ever

    But this one was like, BEYOND power naps. This was like an ULTRASUPERRIDICULOUSNEVERWAKEUP powernap.
  11. illusion

    Have you ever

    Taken a really long nap, and just woke up really kind of confused and annoyed because you feel like you just slept for a week and missed out on a lotta good shit?
  12. illusion

    NBA Playoffs

    LOLHOBBIT, cmon don't count out boston. and i agree rooster, but i think the perkins trade is really gonna hurt the celtics... he added a ridiculous amount of toughness to their team. And im not sure if this is related, but perkins and rondo were bff's when he was on the team. and rondos numbers have gone down since perk got traded. and dont count miami out. wade and lebron can take them a long way..
  13. illusion

    NBA Playoffs

    i'm a laker fan but honestly... if we get OKC anywhere in the playoffs i don't think we can beat them. I think itll be chicago and lakers in the final tho, unless the lakers see OKC. then itll be OKC and chicago, and OKC will probably win.
  14. illusion

    NBA Playoffs

    Playoffs start next week! anybody into basketball and have any predictions?
  15. i'm not necessarily a cricket fan, but i had to jump on the obligatory lets watch cheer for india because i'm indian bandwagon.

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