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  1. Happy Birthday zomgroflman!

    1. Sasirou


      Happy Birthday!

  2. i'm alive man, kinda back now.. just been working all the time. :3

  3. I recorded this in a home studio, then mixed it down afterwards. @Desu: Yeah I know, it's pretty sloppy but it was mostly improvised during the jam over it so I wasn't too picky, long as it kinda painted the main idea. I think I'm going to redo it sometime in the future with a less is more approach, but I appreciate the comments lol!
  4. Hey guys, just a little something I was jamming on and decided to record. I did the guitar and bass tracks, and my dad did the drum track. Tell me what you think! Oh yeah, reason I've been dead for months now is I'm working all the time and just don't have as much time for games anymore.. I'll try to show up every once in a while though!
  5. You still alive....where ya been bud?

  6. zomgroflman

    New map change

    i like creek too, then again i don't get pissed when i get stuck on a losing team either so go figure, i could care less
  7. Tike, I love you. Finally someone with enough sense to realize stabbing someone isn't as easy as it looks. And btw I want my cookies xD
  8. just a word of advice, never carry a weapon with you unless you're absolutely ready to use it at the drop of a hat. I know people that carry knives but if they actually had to stab another human being probably would hesitate, which in an attack situation is all the time you need to die or have your weapon knocked away. Pepper spray is a great idea, or a taser, just be sure whatever you get you're comfortable using, and mentally prepared to use to harm another human being. I'm not usually this serious sounding, but it's just my two cents.
  9. possibly the coolest fake Australian i've ever met. BOB DOLE xD
  10. should've been louiearmstrong21 <____<;
  11. setting afro's on fire since '91.. :D

  12. it's a cop! hide the drugs! :@
  13. actually i just got it as well.. add me zomgroflman