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Jay2 Converted to Silentmod


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Jay2 server moved to Silentmod with same settings 



Is this still being considered ? or maybe for a week or so? lol








original topic:


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I personally don't see the point of changing it to silent, we already have a silent mod server and people can always play there.


I think it would also get a little hectic when the server is full.

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I doubt it will happen.. Jaymod and silEnT are very different.. Typically most Jay lovers hate etpub style MODs..


I do however, wish we could convert to silEnT 100% :P


(this is my opinion btw, not by any means relative to any founder/leader/coleader decisions :P)

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 we already have a silent mod server and people can always play there.



Correction: our clan is currently running 5 servers on silent mod, add one more to the letter I think it would be a tad too much :P















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I don't think its silent mod, its still jaymod.


He meant he wanted to change the second jaymod server to Silent; not that it already was smiley-faces-75.gif

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The last time we changed a jaymod to silent, regulars were complaining and some of them left.

Things like adrenaline and double jump and so on were kept exactly the same but still people didn't like it.


It might very well be that on a long term servers need to be changed to silent because people are still working on updates and you get some support there. But for the moment, I think it would be the wrong way to go.

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jay2 don't get much admins  atm & population remains too low most of the times . teams mostly unbalanced, will be gud idea to have silent  on jay2.

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same could be said about silent 2,

question is - will jay2 regulars play on it if it's changed to silentmod, or will they abandon it.

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You will never know until you give it a try. and trying isn't a bad option here while jay2 is already doing bad in server population.

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Is jay2 doing really that bad at the moment? Ranked #5 on gametracker. Comparing the stats with jay3 (ranked #3 at the moment), the population seems to be not too bad.







Of course compared to jay1, it might look bad. But there is no server like jay1:



It's difficult to compare it to our other servers, because most silent servers are smaller, but just to give an overview:










Obviously these stats alone don't mean much, and I have not spend a lot of time on jay2 recently to know the situation, that's why I am asking.

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