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  1. you should try Enemy territory if you havnt played it yet
  2. Glyphz


    well good luck make sure you take your vitamins specially the first 3 days
  3. ENFJ i think i was INTj in another test i took awhile back
  4. I'm a little confused about you modem. its wireless router right? and the router is connected to your PC with Usb cord?
  5. cyberpowerpc.com you can customize your pc there
  6. Cl_pitchspeed default 140 Cl_yawspeed default 140 Cl_mouseaccel 0 or your sensitivity ?
  7. Glyphz

    Lags & Ping & FPS

    yea I had ping problem when alot of devices were connected to my wireless router. I was also connected while others were wirelessly connected like xbox, phones etc its probably related to bandwith but i'm not really sure...
  8. Glyphz


    check your config what type of OS and pc specs?
  9. setting et to recommend doesnt always give good fps . you think might need to lower some other things down a little
  10. Glyphz

    Lags & Ping & FPS

    Do you have other computers connected to a the router besides your own Are you connected wireless or wired? check whats running on your computer in task manager
  11. Glyphz


    check which programs are running in task manager when you play
  12. I asked this couple years back. Don't think it will be removed.
  13. jay1 was fun lastnight

  14. I remember you from FBI welcome dude
  15. Edge of tomorrow was really good

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