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  1. I was thinking of getting it but was unsure. I can trust you guys in the fact that it is good enough to buy right? I have played all of the series LOL
  2. I have to agree with the problem here. Eventually we will get through the map rotation, but for the most part, we do see a common rotation of the same maps before we get through every single one. AKA Baserace all the time at night smh
  3. Hopefully a Jags and Viking superbowl. That would be interesting lol
  4. For my fellow asians. JOLLIBEE
  5. LOL I love it, I will use it in place of my old sig that died!
  6. Another day, another dollar!

    1. D..X


      you get a dollar :o

    2. RedBaird


      He pays $1/day in taxes...lucky stiff!

    3. Shinobi


      LOOOOL I cant handle sometimes haha

  7. Smh literally articles like this give us gamers a bad rep.
  8. Wow it has been a really long time since I heard that name lol. Sometimes I think and miss our old COD crew :-/ UADave, Midnight, Cookie, Forsaken... miss all of them..
  9. MCAT coming up! :(

    2. RedBaird


      Woo, MCATs, even I have heard of them! Med College Test!

    3. Neuro


      Good luck. Don't let it kill you!

  10. Oh yay! Happy birthday guys!
  11. Hey man and welcome to the forums!!!
  12. Any hurricane classified as a category 5 is surely a menace. Thoughts are with the ones being impacted!

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