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  1. So I actually gave it a try out... It was really mediocre at best. There was an aid option that if you aimed over someone then your gun would auto shoot so you did not have to do it. Deleted it right after.. it is the same engine that runs PUBGM so I am pretty sure there are fill in bots that you battle as a lower rank.
  2. Many servers by Facepunch will wipe monthly to allow for a long progress before everything is cleared. If enough admin honestly play and band together we would have some crazy bases already on day 3. Pretty interested just because I have never joined a RUST clan until we came into the party. Time to kill some nakeds jkjk
  3. Back from Vacation :(

    1. v583


      Same here. 😢

    2. Shinobi


      Wish I could do the heartbreak emoji ;(


  4. Installed it again about two weeks ago. I have the Steam version and have not had any problems at all... Are your drivers up to date? I would try a hard uninstall through an outside program just in case some files are conflicting and are causing the crash.
  5. The jetski in the back seems reasonable, less money on a jetski trailer more money for beer!
  6. Oh yeah good choice! I am rolling around with an undead warlock. Just can't seem to want to play the Alliance XD being a good guy is no fun sometimes.
  7. Hello and Welcome to the forums!!
  8. Anybody else excited for the re-release of WoW classic?! Do not know if anybody else has made a topic recently but here would be a pretty good organized file of whoever is going to be online and playing. I personally have not played WoW in literally years upon years so it is definitely going to be an experience learning how to play again! Cheers!
  9. Honestly I am actually still happy that they are releasing Star Wars movies. I think they should have released movies based off the Old Republic though, the story of Darth Revan would have been amazing on the big screen!
  10. Oh yeah I totally agree, wasn't it nominated for an oscar or something because of best animated film?
  11. The story of finding nostalgia through ET is something I can relate too! Welcome to the forum My dad played ET when it released and passed the torch when he gave up gaming back in 07.
  12. I got the handwritten books from an anime convention. I really thought Kimi no Nawa was a breakthrough but I honestly still like Kotonoha no Niwa more. The rain aspect of the movie was just so pretty and I honestly love the rain. I really have enjoyed all the movies that he has directed so each and every one is special in its own way. Glad we can both agree he is the best though.
  13. Yeah that is pretty exciting LOL I actually bought a handmade art book from Japan with the Garden of Words original handwritten art copies with Japanese poems attached to them. Makoto Shinkai has literally been one of my all time favorites long before Kimi no Nawa came out.
  14. This list could not have impressed me anymore. You have good taste my friend XD. Makoto Shinkai actually just released his newest film not too long ago called "Weathering with you" or Tenki no Ko. I have not seen it yet but it is rated pretty high all around.
  15. I will have to definitely check it out once I have some more free time. Right now I am currently preparing myself for the release of classic WoW. Not sure yet how I want to balance all my games yet but I am sure I fill figure it out LOL
  16. Im starting to think we should all just link our anime lists.. everybody use that? LOL Shameless MAL plug: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/MrShoujo
  17. Yeah I do enjoy seeing the original maps updated but I guess in this case we will just have to analyze game play as it progresses. When it comes to the movements and pathways, I feel like it would be hard to replicate an older style of play because with the ability to make things more realistic comes the possible desire to want to update the movements and style etc. The play style of ET can be very dynamic and unrealistic (as can be newer games) but I would not want this idea of "upgrade" to end up leading to a change of Enemy Territory style overall. In some of the later videos it actually shows them changing something as small as aiming ability and body physics when firing the guns, those smaller changes may lead to a whole new aiming platform compared to the standard kickback of fire in ET now. Who knows, not knocking the idea of ET2, maybe I am just worried and don't want to expect too much you know?
  18. I see that avi.. good choice

  19. I think that one of the biggest appeals about ET is the fact that it is not up to date with physics and graphics. Looking at all the updated game-play of ET makes me think of things like battlefield.
  20. Donation for many years of gaming and to many more in the future! 486287565904584
  21. Interesting, I actually stopped playing SWTOR some time ago, has the game gotten any better? Obviously the DLC is being released but the player base is still going strong?
  22. Honestly it might be something as simple as trying to change your name too. If an admin player has locked in the name then you might be getting warnings, have you tired to change your name since you started getting the warnings. I did some more research, it seems the problem may be caused by outdated PB files since some people are reporting that simply downloading the files wont work anymore. I will have to look more into the situation to get a better idea of what is going on and I can try and get back to you. Another problem is possible bans related to accounts that have similar GUID or profile info such as yours. Have you had any past bans or kicks? If you are positive you don't then double check your information on how to update and run PB smoothly in 2019 since many errors are caused by not properly configuring those files and enabling PB. You can try to professionally uninstall all the game files that you currently have to give you a clean install from your current PB files using a program like REVO uninstaller and then follow newer instructions on how to reinstall PB and correct the server cache that way if you want. If I find anything else I can let you know.
  23. It might be trying to kick you because your older files contain the same name profile that you are trying to use again with the re installation. Are you using the same name as previous downloads?
  24. Whats up guys, I recently built a new PC. I dont know if there has been another post, but is there anyway to transfer my ET files from one computer to another or do I have to create a new profile and get admin lvl again.

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