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I started playing on a server called something like "Fueldump 24/7" I remember the server name was in blue colours :P


I liked the map lol, didn't like any other maps at that time, guess I liked it because I only saw my brother playing in that map, so I did the same thing =P


Think this was like 4-5 years ago.. I only played it for like 2 weeks and after that I deleted it again...

Downloaded it a few times after that whenever I was bored and only sniped on different servers

Downloaded ET again like 2 years ago.. found the F|A servers and I liked it.. so kept playing. Without this clan I would have probably already quit ages ago ^^


<3 =F|A=

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My first regular server was =SW=Sniper, and then once I felt like trying regular combat, I played in =SW=Bunker..


When they closed their sniper server, I migrated to dP! Sniper, and when that closed, someone replaced it (i forget who / the tags) called Public Sniper XPS.


After that I stopped playing. I then began playing again a few years ago @ EOW Etpub server, where I met Dougl@s - then stopped playing again when that died.. Then months or maybe a year later, speaking to him on MSN, he told me about F|A Hardcore XPS :P And since then, I've played all F|A servers.. :)

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