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  1. Me on jaymod via Imgflip Meme Generator via Imgflip Meme Generator
  2. Brussels to Paris with TGV train and then direct flight from Paris to LA. I heard highway 1 is worth to drive, better view but takes longer. Most likely will do a part form highway 1 Traffic is bad only in the cities I hope. But hey in Brussels you drive 1:15 for 30 km in peak hours so cant be much worse right? Have you done Angels Landing trail in Zion? Im a bit afraid of hights and the end part is a small path on a cliff Thx for feedback
  3. Yo all In September im going on a trip across the USA Westcoast for 3 weeks. I was wondering if anyone has been to Los Angeles / Las Vegas / San Fransisco and has tips for bars/clubs to spend the evening. Not that im going out every night, in fact the national parks interest me the most. Any tips for the national parks always welcome too One of my friends proposed to go to Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas but i read multiple really bad reviews on tripadvisor... Planning is following: Los Angeles, Joshua Tree NP, Grand Canyon NP, Monument Valley, Page, Bryce canyon NP, Zion NP, Las Vegas, Death Valley NP, Sequoia NP, Yosemite NP, San Fransisco, Los Angeles. Greets Oly
  4. THX its good now I used "msconfig" and there i found my startup programs
  5. Yo guys Anyone knows how to avoid Discord starting automatically up when you start your pc ? Their instruction is no good for me, i dont have this option to unceck "Run Discord when my pc starts"... https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/211339918-How-do-I-disable-auto-start-on-launch- Greetz Oly
  6. One of the best days of my life
  7. OMFG the final game was f*cking EPIC!!!! Elysium take third map adler with less than 3 min to do the job
  8. Was good! Also happy a few of my friends joined, didnt plan this
  9. OK will do + next time other server so random guys dont join in middle of the game
  10. Yo guys Anyone avi to play some scrim tomorrow sunday 13/11 20:00 CET? If we dont have enough members i do not mind mixing teams with FA Meet on your server: http://et.trackbase.net/server/44769/ Oly
  11. They just fcked up and gave this "explanation" to get out of trouble
  12. HAHA last one is best one you've posted in a while
  13. Dude are you a pokemon master yet?

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