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Do you use pirate Windows?


Do you use pirated Windows?  

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  1. 1. Do you use pirated Windows?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
    • Sometimes
    • When my sister told me so!

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I had the legal version of windows 7. But when I decided to re-install my whole OS on a clean slate, because my computer started getting laggy. For some reason my legal copy of windows 7 would not activate with the key anymore. And there was no way to get a new one, so I was like screw this and downloaded a cracked version.


I usually dont like using illegal versions of operating systems, but in this case I didn't feel like paying a bunch of money again for another copy of win7, when I should just be able to install the legal one again.

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Was recently offered a hack/cracked win 7. I refused and will always refuse it. I'm still running my legal copy of XP pro.

1. reason is you never know what someone hid in it (spyware/keylogger who knows) the other is its very checkable IMHO

and if you have problems no support.


2. its illegal

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I'm not against those who can't afford things downloading pirated copies but to do so with an OS is just stupid IMO. You'll end up getting caught, and you might not think Microsoft would bother spending all that money to take you to court or w/e for the price of 1 copy of windows but you can be sure they'd wanna make an example of you, and im sure they could suffer the loss of a few thousand dollars on a lawsuit.


I'd never run a non-legal copy of an OS. Even though I dont wanna give MS any of my money, if I use their OS it's because the alternatives don't suit me, and when there are plenty of free Linux OS's out there, there's no excuse for running pirated windows IMO.


PS: Joe can you get me a job? Lol..

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