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Den of Lions Dual Objective - denoflions_etdual.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Den of Lions Dual Objective - denoflions_etdual.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: denoflions_etdual.pk3
Map name: denoflions_etdual.bsp
Author(s): Dan "RivrStyx" Dorn



******** Play Description ***********


"**Dual Objective Map**.The Axis and Allied forces have setup a swap. Each side is acting alone without headquarters knowledge.

The allies are to exchange a high ranking prisoner they have captured for a large quantity of gold the axis had stolen in a raid.

The exchange is to take place at noon. Each side has decided to abandon the deal and secure their objectives before the exchange is to take place."


// Allied Objective Descriptions

wm_objective_allied_desc 1 "Primary Objective:**Destroy Axis safe door to gain entry."

wm_objective_allied_desc 2 "Primary Objective:**Defend cell door from Axis entry."

wm_objective_allied_desc 3 "Primary Objective:**Steal the gold and get away in the truck waiting at your base."

wm_objective_allied_desc 4 "Primary Objective:**Guard the prisoner."

wm_objective_allied_desc 5 "primary Objective:**Destroy the axis Command Post."

wm_objective_allied_desc 6 "Secondary Objective:**Build the Command Post."

wm_objective_allied_desc 7 "Secondary Objective:**Get forward flag."



// Axis Objective Descriptions

wm_objective_axis_desc 1 "Primary Objective:**Defend safe door from Allied entry."

wm_objective_axis_desc 2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy cell door to gain entry."

wm_objective_axis_desc 3 "Primary Objective:**Guard the gold."

wm_objective_axis_desc 4 "Primary Objective:**Breakout the prisoner and get him to the Red Cross for treatment."

wm_objective_axis_desc 5 "Secondary Objective:**Build the Command Post."

wm_objective_axis_desc 6 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the allied Command Post."

wm_objective_axis_desc 7 "Secondary Objective:**Get forward flag."

denoflions_etdual waypoints.rar

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Den of Lions is a large, Dual-objective Enemy Territory map.
The Allies go for the gold and axis try to deliver a prisoner to med station.
Command map doesn't show where You are, But compass centers on location,
So You have some idea which direction to go.
Buildings have many passages and underground tunnels abound.
Omni-bot has waypoints in the incomplete navs folder.
This demo movie shows that bots can win the map.

Edited by Buckwild
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There's a console flood from the lack of command map data,
Jaymod tries to show player locations on compass and command map and can't.
It's hard for admins to view console because of flood, It keeps scrolling down...
I used to play ET at Doc Warren's old clan's server(Go Son of Doc!).
They would constantly have new maps in spite of any problems They may have caused.
Some maps couldn't be hosted by client ET, So I would think to Myself:
"They are always doing 'the impossible.' "

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