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Happy Birthday =F|A=!


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First time I've posted in awhile. Boy, I came on the right day to pull an allnighter lolololol.

Dare, if you want to delete my post and rewrite or write over it, it's perfectly fine with me. Heck, any of the founders are actually entitled to write this post...but I'm excited :)


Happy birthday =F|A=! The original story of how all this cool shit started is here: http://fearless-assa...less-assassins/


Damn, three years. This year has come and gone...many things have happened. Old members left, fights started, drama and crap created, but we all stuck through it, thick and thin. We survived another year, and we didn't just survive, we thrived. We have so many new members now who are awesomesauce, and I love all of you guys, even those I haven't met yet :)

I'm very happy that this clan is still around. I owe this clan a lot-you guys support me when I'm low, and celebrate with me when I'm happy. And not just me, but others. Like speedfact, for example: we all sent him our prayers and support and tried to think of ways to help him. And the recent death of abnerdog: we are all in mourning for him.

You guys, even though I've never met you people face to face (except for bell reavue) are so much more caring than a lot of people I know in rl.


Mushy gushy stuff over, let the partying begin :drunk




Feliz cumpleaños mis amigos!! <3 To another great year ahead of us!

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Today is 7 moths since i made my account on F|A forums and over a half year since i was accepted and i have to say F|A is place to be!!! Its amazing how idea of 3 guys want to have fun become to a such a friendly and amazing community in just 3 years.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY =F|A=!!! and grats and thanks to Joe Dare and Rainier :)

Now lets :party:cheers:drunk

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Happy Birthday to =F|A=


Such a cool story of how the clan started with 3 members and now it's huge! Great job Dare, Joedirt and Ranier. Reminds me of how Panini* started which is close enough to your story :D I'm glad to play on the F|A servers and I hope I can play on them for years to come! :)

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