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Fearless Assassins B'day

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This event repeats every year until 10/29/19

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On this day F|A had their first server of 20 slot. smile.gif

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you guys created something thats so much larger than any one or two people. Congrats and thanks. F|A has brightened my days and i hope that it will continue to do so.

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Chaos, that seems awesome idea!! Reminds me of spending time to configure ETPub for party panzer war throwing out 10 panzers at a time.. man those where some days. I still can see those days ... seems like time passed by to fast.

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It occurs on the 28th I should know since its my MOTHERS bday as well so I have to buy 2 presents. /rant

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happy birthday =F|A=!! <3

i love you guys forever and ever :)

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