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  1. Happy Birthday Bosman!

  2. ok he is gone posting a demo for HB18

  3. please ban HB18 on Cod4 beginners taking place 7am eastern right now

  4. Happy Birthday Bosman!

  5. How do you quit clan status?

  6. need help with hack on cod4 beginners called pro, #5 on pl. Right now plz, no one is responding

    1. Midnight


      This sounds so typical. Sorry at work. :(

  7. Any admins for beginners that can ban need help now 12:37 eastern

    1. Bosman


      #25 Dashie aim bot

    2. GI-JOE


      He left before I could get there, if you have a demo post it and I'll add him to the banlist if needed.

    3. Bosman


      Was just going to do that


  8. Any admins for beginners that can ban need help now 12:37 eastern

  9. Bosman

    Sinister | trailer

    Just in time for halloween. Too bad i'm not a big fan of scary. Something original would be good and a refreshing change. I mean the freddy series i actually like because despite his ugly appearance and his way of hurting people his humor was off the hook. A funny crazy scary guy, what a combo lol.
  10. Nice work on the sig, glad you got it nailed. We have a few signature design pros here, don't feel like your conditions were too specific.
  11. Bosman


    LULU, good to have you, please as others have said, be a voice in game, we'd like to get to know you.
  12. Hey hey Sparhawk/Victor, real nice to have you here. I've had fun playing cod 4 with you! See ya soon!
  13. KABOOM! It literally is the effect i experience playing you right before i spawn lol. Welcome MR.
  14. Hay hay, welcome to the forum Aleksandra! I only play cod4 so not sure if ill see ya or not but hey.