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  1. Hello...I'm From INDIA!!!

    Hello and welcome to the Forums. I am from India too. lol nice one redbaird. This is my language-- नमसà¥à¤¤à¥‡ और निडर हतà¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤°à¥‹à¤‚ आपका सà¥à¤µà¤¾à¤—त है!
  2. Howdy

  3. gfx card question for old pc

    U can run on lowest settings possible. It would run much smoother. Else u can buy cheap gfx card as mentioned above.
  4. Hi all!

    Welcome to our forums,
  5. Gear up and load out!

    I play bf3 too. Add me on xfire and message me whenever you want to play. Xfire name is honeysing. My in game name is 313B-Rabbit
  6. hi i'm TALON1973

    hello and
  7. New maps for Jay1

    hey we can check these too: 1) pirates final--> http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=5057 2) rtcw village final-->http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=291 3) transmitter final-->http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=37 4) bridges final -->http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=343 5) el kef final-->http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=19
  8. Hey im Boeta :P

    hello and
  9. New maps for Jay1

    The new maps for jay1 can be: 1) secret bay final 2) chicken bucket 2 final 3) karsiah te v2 final 4) alpine assault final 5) thief city final these all are new maps so we can try new map each week and then ask the members and players which they rate the best. the top three maps will be our new maps for jay1.
  10. !hi

    hello and welcome
  11. Soso´s A.K.A Cherry´s Intro

    to the forums
  12. hi everyone

    welcome to the forum
  13. Hello from Nervous

    welcome to the forums