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  1. Happy Birthday Nordwolf!

  2. Happy Birthday Nordwolf!

  3. Nordwolf

    my ET got Virus.

    I stopped reading at AVG.. What I don't get though: you're saying win32 is a virus? oO You seem way off there..
  4. I played both missions on a 50 slots server before, no lag. But then again, I have NEVER seen a laggy map. Dunno where people keep getting that..
  5. I already played the good games on there, so imo they can add more Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is coming out for the ones who liked the first one.
  6. That is awesome! I didn't know that was possible without downloading the demo first Just tried the FIFA 12 Demo on the site, had to update Java and it loaded in 10 seconds or something
  7. Happy b-day, dude!!! :) Sorry i am writing this a little bit late :o

  8. Someone move this please. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay! You're not making the right impression if you want to join though: If you are only applying for admin, you are in the wrong place.
  9. Santa can't give me what I want, because it's not a thing. Except for a car and weed, but I doubt he'll give me that
  10. It's way too big.. our server is only full in the evenings. And I can only hope it never shows.

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