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gReddysaurus rEx

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What headphones or in ear monitors do you use when gaming or music listening? I currently have three headphones/iems in my collection.


Creative Labs Fatal1ty (had it forever, use it here and there now)

Brainwavz M2 (iems, use it as portables)

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 (home use for gaming, movies, and music)

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-denon ah-d2000 (gaming, music)

-audio-technica m50s (music, movies)

-sennheiser hd35 {vegas edition?} (destroyed!)

-Etymotic HF5s {IEM} (ipod,iphone)

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Bose headphones Acoustic noise canceling ( for travelling so i can listen to some music, play movies on laptop)


Beats Tour (for listening to Music at work or train rides and trams)


Beats Studio & SOlo (for gaming, Vent, and Skype)

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eww at mew's headphones :D



this is wat i use....



(i have the purple "bumping buds"

ive had it for a year now, good sound and nice responses)

i use it for everything

if i had more monies i would get the higher end like a sennheiser but i dont :(

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I use the ibeats by dre & monster. Pretty good call quality on iphone/skype, good bass, decent mic. Best earbuds I've owned.

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