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  1. Happy Birthday gReddysaurus rEx!

  2. Happy Birthday gReddysaurus rEx!

  3. usef sandals hdop (help delete online predators... lolz) I might redownload et.
  4. ^ That e92m is nice. Haha. Then we'll have creepy fb conversations
  5. Drakes album leaked a few days ago. Here's one of the songs I liked from it.
  6. Happy Birthday Penisland!

  7. Happy Birthday Amu!

  8. Happy Birthday gReddysaurus rEx!

    1. refL3x:>


      Happy birthday !

    2. Spitfire


      Happy Birthday!

  9. I play on my mbp just fine on Windows 7 bootcamp. I find Windows plays games a little better than OS X. I have an external keyboard from my old desktop, but I hardly use it.
  10. How in the world can you play games with Beats? They have no soundstage and even worse... no instrument separation. Nice Denons. I always wanted to demo the D2000 and a few Ultrasones.
  11. I use Windows 7 in bootcamp whenever I game or do CAD designs.

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