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One Year


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It's officially one year since I was accepted as a full member of Fearless Assassins.


I've got to say, it's been a great ride with some shaky bits, but this entire community-not just the members-is so amazing.

Making the decision to join the servers was probably one of the best in my life. Why? Because in this community, I have my other family and friends, so no matter how sucky life gets, you are all here for me :D and for everyone else.


So I have to say thank you to everyone, but especially Dare, Joe, and Rainier for starting this awesome clan up.



Sappiness over, beer anyone? :drunk


Beer's for the adults, soda for the underaged? :yahoo

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oh...nevermind...my shoutbox post was incorrect -_- gratz on da one year. im close...i gots like 4 more months to go :D


EDIT: for the underaged to get a buzz, i recommend Red Bull :D

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Hell yeah! :D Congrats Kristy! You deserve a promotion for your comments on my profile! xD


I'm not sure when I was accepted as a full member, all I know is I was invited by dare sometime in september, promoted to level 7 october 6th (found his comment on my profile), then to level 8 roughly a week after :)


This is truly a great clan, and I'm proud to be part of it and have so many friends here.. <3 you all!

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Haha thanks everyone <3

Although, really, the thanks should be going out to the founders :rolleyes:


you must have been able to know everyone here within a year, so that must be a nice big family. Cheers:)


Actually, there's so many people that join every week that I'm not able to meet all of them. But the people I know are absolutely wonderful :D:yahoo

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