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  1. Happy Birthday pedrorocks uk!

  2. Happy Birthday pedrorocks uk!

  3. i like cuddly penguins............
  4. ok people,had a big break from all gaming,family comes first,been back playing for a few weeks now so catch you all on the flip side. pedro
  5. Happy Birthday pedrorocks uk!

  6. that last one,proper hillbilly lol
  7. i liked this,very good
  8. pedrorocks uk

    Dear Hubby

    p.s your girlfriend called lol
  9. that second pic had me chuckleing lol
  10. cant get on with this new look on the forum :(

    1. KevinBacon


      THink of it as fagbook, bud!

  11. oooooh you are good lol
  12. im away for a week,going to Ireland.see you soon.play nice boys and girls

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    2. Panini*Hobbit@mp3


      Irish weather is crap atm, but over the next week it should get better =) Enjoy!

    3. Hulk


      Have a good time and ill be as bad as i wanna be :)


    4. pedrorocks uk

      pedrorocks uk

      errrrrmmm didnt take camera lol :):)


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