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What song are you listening right now? - Part 13


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Old topic (Part 12) closed and new one is open / pinned but with the following conditions to decrease trivial and repetitive posts and hopefully increase sharing diversity and thread quality.

A. Please do not repeat posts of the same song on different days. This stagnates the quality of the thread.

B. Please do not repeat playlists on different days. This also stagnates.
C. Please limit to 5 songs a day to share.

For Example - If you like listening to "Orinoco Flow" (Enya "Sail Away Sail Away") everyday then good for you, but please do not repeat post here for every day and moment that you are listening to this song. Instead, please post once with the link and captions that you listen to this everyday.

Please try to share genuine songs with link or sample of the song or music. Let's try to follow the guidelines established above so as to avoid trivial and repetitive posts because this is not a music journal blog. For example, posting radio or television will no longer suffice. However posting that on the radio you heard this particular song with link will be fine to share. Thanks.

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