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Ladies and Gentlemen, i have to take a sexy break


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Ok let me get straight to the point, Let's say i have to do some "things" regarding my career and i will have no time for gaming, lol i won't even have time for my friends and family. So yeah, in less than a week i will be leaving this horrible city were i live to do some sexy music at a conservatory.The only thing i will take from here are my clothes, i won't take my pc because i don't want to get distracted since i need to put a lot of effort to this.The problem is that i don't when i will be back, i can be back from 6 months or even 4 years :S


This is not a good bye , it's just a long "break" that i need to do. I don't know what will happen to my membership but if i need to get kicked for inactivity in a future, then i will have no problem for that :)


so yeah, that's all


I hope when i get back , i found a =F|A= sexier than ever!




Ruben -Acid-

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I will write some words in spanish for you:


Te deseo mucho suerte en todo lo que emprendas y sobre todo, que tengas buena salud. Buen idea es salirse de donde estas, pues segun veo y escucho sige stando de la fregada. Ojala y nos visites en el. foro de vez en cuando y pues te cuidas mucho viejo. Saludos y muchas suerte :)

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aww man....dude....m*****f*****....i just met ya and it seems like we been cool forever....later manz. when you get famous (not if, when) remember this.....firstly =F|A=, secondly me. none other than Achiyan :)

when you make it big, make it like this :money::money::money:

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<3 i will miss you acid! when you're famous come visit me and bail me out of this hellhole i call my house. and then donate $999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 to sexy =F|A= :)

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