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  1. Happy Birthday *Sypher*!

  2. The newest episode of Hard With Style from Headhunterz http://youtu.be/S2rVPFh1St4
  3. I like the idea. Covert ops are rare because they indeed have bad weapons. Giving them a bit more damage would make the game more enjoyable for snipers.
  4. The 2nd one ain't too bad at all.
  5. Just tried to play on Hardcore and for me it's the worse mod I've played on in times. Don't like the gameplay there at all, please keep it to jaymod. People say that silent has 2 servers, always full. Same goes for jaymod, we have 4 servers of which 3 are always populated. If you change jay4 to silent, you just turn the problem around. Then jaymod is always full and silent has 1 server with few population. Besides that, jay4 is not the most populated server, but most of the times there are enough players to play without bots.
  6. Norton Antivirus I, paid version of course.
  7. Welcome to our forums Alex!
  8. Welcome Borstel! Have seen you a bit the last few days and I have to say you kicked my ass! Good player, see you around more in servers!
  9. Happy birthday and enjoy your day!
  10. Welcome Kristian! Hope to see you around.
  11. Home sweet home PhySys! Glad to see you coming back and the problems are being solved.
  12. *Sypher*

    Best Movie 2011

    For me Fast and the Furius 5 was the best movie, though I enjoined Hangover II en Johnny English reborn a lot too.
  13. If you're able of working with computers, you're able to do this. It's not difficult, it might just take a bit longer if you're not an expert.

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