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The site told me to introduce myself.

AGN Jok3r

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So, hi there!

Name - Kert
a/s/l - 23/M/EST

Been with ET since 2005. Got into it because of a friend, who played at a semi-pro/pro level. I used to watch over his shoulder as he played and when I got my first computer, it was one of the first games on it. Played almost religiously until about 2010, when other interests (WOT, WT) took over, but never really stopped. Trying to get into it more, because CS isn't the same and Dirty Bomb got exhausting. Have played JayMod, NQ and Panzerwars. Previous aliases include, but are not limited to: Pfc_Jok3r, S1psik, Kert(est). Haven't been in any clans, because this was always a casual timekiller (and social life killer) for me.

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Saw you a couple times on NQ1. Great to see old-time players coming in and enjoying the servers, what more can you ask for?


See you on server 😄

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