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  1. .mm, read all,...seems all is fine.. do you have tried changing your internet password? someone could are stealing your connection?
  2. Betinho

    ET NQ #1 A question NQ

    Hi cenicienta, here are the rules, depends if you did that trickjump before 5 minutes (wich the warn is justified) or after 5 minutes, wich the warn isnt justified, so you can go to admin abuse section. I suggest you when you will do that use /record, so you can put here the proof of what happened. Anyway, if you didnt the objetive, i think you can trickjump without problems. You cannot use bugs. Regards https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Server_Rules (NQ rules number 2 "Trickjumping is allowed to complete the objective after 5 minutes" In Sp
  3. Betinho

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Hi, dont like too much ETL Adlernest (i prefer the normal version)...but there are more ETL maps...here, some of them for download..i dont know if some gonna try with this new maps.... Another question: it is possible to test tthis maps in nq2 maybe? and see if runs well ? ETL Supply Depot: https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5140 ETL Bergen : https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5141 ETL Ice : https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5142
  4. It is all matter about see your FPS in your screen. If you got a GPU giving you 200 fps (at least this is what Radeon rx 550 4 gb is giving me for play ET in Jay2 and Silen1, in NQ1 only 165 fps), So, i got a GPU with 165 FPS in nq1...but i play with 60, 75 hz screen. What happen? i can see only 60 or 75 FPS on the screen. For the other side if you got a screen with 165 hz, you will see that 165 FPS what the GPU is giving you, wich is an advantage in the time of play. So, conclusion: dont waste money in expensive GPU, just a GPU what is giving you the FPS you need for the game you l
  5. I am talking about play ET, you dont need at all play with an expensive GPU, just with 80 dollars you can play with a good GPU, combined with a screen with 144/165 hz (thats what you need for play with Gsync or Freesync Premium), wich is really an advantage for play this days @FILIPE
  6. If you are thinking in game, most important are GPU and screen con at least 144 hz this days. About PC core i7 10700 runs really well for me, with 16 gb ram i think it is enoguh. About GPU a really cheap is a Radeon RX 550 4 gb wich runs really well for me. About screen i suggest 1 with 165 hz ( https://www.lg.com/my/monitors/lg-32gn500-b ) wich is great combined with the GPU (freesync technology)
  7. hi and welcome! i see you in the servers!
  8. Well after many tries, i think it is fixed...i deleted all the damn binds , seems is working now @C0C4N4T10N ; @captnconcrete ; @FILIPE : @Siwex89 Thank you
  9. Hello, I think that all the admins must follow the rules, there are also good players who themselves realize that there is a lot of difference between the teams and they change themselves. There are many ways to even , we can PM a skilled player to see if he agrees to move to the other team. But fundamentally it is always checking / scores, and the main ones to look out for are kills, deaths and efficiency. This difference (according to wiki and wiki members) must be less than 60 or 70 percent (always approximate), when increase that difference, we must do something. Not always, the differen
  10. Hi, every day i play in silent i got the same problem, when i am firing (not always), my thompson change automatically with the binoculars. I tried with deleting all silent folder, i put default settings in the controls, but still happen to me. i got a short demo about my problem. Today Cross Marian and Fireblade spec me and saw what happen to me....any idea to fix this? Demo : an example what it happen to me in the minute 23:14 demo0004.dm_84
  11. Hi ,welcome to the forums! see you in the servers!
  12. Betinho

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Yes, that ETL version (adlernest and Frosbite) got only problems, and there are horrible compared with the normal version. Anyways, if you want to replace , maybe TC base (small map) could be a good replacement (or Sand of Time, old and big good map). Regards
  13. Voted this map out: Oasis SW, Frostbite, Goldrush Gals and El kef (all in the question 2), the problem is i cant vote because i didnt choice a map in the question 1... i got the message "this field is required".
  14. Betinho

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    In: -Castleattack -Darji -Basarace desert -Cathedral -110 factory (long time dont see this map in rotation ) http://activegamer.net/et/map/79-110_Factory_2.0.0.html Out: -Goldrush (let´s rest a bit of this map for a while? ) -Oasis (lets rest a bit in all this versions for a while? ) -Railgun -Frostbite -El kef
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