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=Death Hunter=

I don't know about the rest of you, but im sick and tired of our rights and liberties being taken away one at a time slowly so the majority of clueless people dont notice.


Point #1

The war on terror


If theres ever an easy way to distract the attention from our rigjts its to say "we need to be more secure, and that means we have to give up rights like privacy and the 4th ammendment." This is bullshit. I believe the original Afghan media confirmation of Osama Bin Ladens death at Tora Bora on Dec 15th, 2001. Now, ask yourself... how can our government keep troops in this region? Set up claims that Bin Laden is alive and well? I def feel more secure knowing our military forces are spread around the world...everywhere but here... wtf.


The war on terror is a war that will never cease to be. As long as we have enemies and/or people that hate us for living free... the war on terror will never end. Which brings us to...


Point #2

The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012

(The NDAA)


The ndaa is nothing new. Its passed every year. But this one is special. Not only doea it crush some of our most important constitutional rights, it gives the government the right to treason. In yhe hidden new legialation that you would have to sit down and read to find (which takes about 2 hours) it clearly states that anyone, or group, of people that are deemed a threat to national security can and will be indefinatly detained without trial. No due process. Until the end of hostilities....bringing us back to point #1. A war on terrorism. A hostility that will never end. Do the math there.


So lets put this into perspective for any skeptics or people that want to understand.


Lets say you take part in a peaceful occupation protest. Now, lets say it gets big and out of hand. Not violent. Just too big for law enforcement to possibly handle. Not only does the ndaa also grant the use of military force alongside of law enforcement, it grants the secretary of state the sole authority in deeming ppl or groups a threat. So, if youre there, and any single person there is suspected and deemed a threat. They can haul them and everyone else with them (or anyone with the same ideas) off to a detention center without trial. No questions. Kinda like guantanemo bay.


Can you imagine when the military rolls through your town arresting people for exercising out right to protest our government?


Not to mention the TSA! We'll hit that later though.


Point #3

The crooks


Not only is our president an american hating criminal, so are the rest of your law makers and judges. And police are crooked as well. And the few that arent... well they are easily amd simply blacked out. Remember an idea is more powerful than an action. These are the crooks that drive luxury cars andplay golf on our tabs. Good note: Obama has played well over 100 rounds of golf in his first term so far. And the lavish millions of TAXPAYER dollars he spent on his crazy vacations. And before the critics hit me with "look at all the weeks bush took vacation!!!" Yes he did. Im not saying hes a saint. But when he took vacations he went to his ranch in texas and cut wood and did shit. He didnt goto marthas vineyard and hawaii. These are the people who want to take your rights away and make your dependent on them for every aspect of your life. Tax tax SPEND!!!! Trillions.... trillions we are in debt. And guys like obama and his regieme want to install a socialist healthcare system that is mandated! And by the way its cost is double what he said it would be. Hey just tack some more on there a**h****.


Ive read the constitution and i saw no section where it states government is responsible for healthcare.


Point #4



People need to wake up and realize what is happening in america right now! You need to stand as one and do not give in to the divided debated about political parties. Thats why they were created. To divide us. Do not rely on mainstream media for ANY information. Please find a reliable online source. Mainstreamedia is controlled by those that want to fool you and take your rights away and make you a slave citizen. Remember once theae rights are taken away its next to impossible to get them back without a full on rebellion. A revolution....now thats an idea.


Keep up with reliable information and read into localgroups that want to fight for this cause. We have the ability. Do not let them take away your rights!

=Death Hunter=

So its time for another (long awaited i know) entry in my blog. Its been awile.


As for this entry of things that tend to drive me nuts or ruin my day... we now have the media. Which is nothing new. But for anyone living in America who has any idea of the dangerous waters we have been in for the past decade knows that we have piss poor media coverage on important subjects! From out boohooing over a stupid AAA credit rating (which our government has been abusing anyway), to the ridiculous Trayon Martin case.


We now have a marxist authority in the presidential seat. His cabinet so crooked you couldnt put a glass in it. News coverage that denied Ron Paul of anything. Certainly a man like Ron Paul who is worried aboutour liberty crumbling around us, wants to do away with income taxes and the IRS, lower taxes for EVERYONE, do away with big government, get our big noses out of everyones business and worry about our own for a little while, and make the world a better place for all mankind doesnt deserve media coverage.


We cant be distracted for weeks on end because some punk ass kid got shot. Plain and simple if you listen to the un-edited 911 call he never raisea his voice he is calm and collected. No signs of pre-meditation. He states the kud was walking around back and fourth in the rain looking at things, houses, cars. He wasnt on his way anywhere or he wouldnt have stopped and walked towards mr zimmerman. And he wouldnt have ran away. He attacked zimmerman and got his ass shot. Nothing racial. Nothing inhuman. This should be a leason to criminals young and old. Case closed.


We have bigger fish to fry. Like the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012. Where was the coverage on this liberty crushing bill...passed on new yeears eve. Where was america? We were all partying. This is sick.


There are people in this country who believe everything tjey see on TV. And my advice to those people is "Believe nothing of what you hear, and half of what you see!"


...its those little things.

=Death Hunter=

So I was pondering just now why F l A doesn't have a facebook page/group?


I would think that people from the forums in the groups could recruit friends that are gamers that would join the forums and/or possibly be donors! +++ right????


The reason I am posting this in my blog is because when I searched FB for F l A I found 2 groups called "fearless assasins" one open one closed. They're a group of people from pakistan. It was a little weird.

didn't look much more into it from there hahaha


So yeah, what do others think of this? Maybe if I get positive feedback about it I'll maybe post in forums and see if we can get one made. Only takes about 5 mins...

=Death Hunter=

Ok so I got a comment that said my blogs were getting a little bland so I hope this little story about an ex-girlfriend of mine does the trick. This is a true story...nothing has ben changed.


For the most part we've all had "one of those" crazy girlfriend/boyfriends that have been...well... F'n crazy as hell. This storyis about a primpy girl who was pretty cool but most of the time was a b*** and so prissy that...well you'll read.


So this girl I had been dating was sick. Flu. I the gentleman I am was helping her and was about to make her sonething small to try to eat. (note:a few months prior I was sick I actually had pnemonia and she was yelling at me to get out of bed and go down into the basement to light the pilot light on the water heater. Kind of person she was. I was hospitalized the next morning) anyways she asked me for sprite, toast, and a sliced orange. EASY!!! Scoring points buddy! Right!?!? Right???


sure. So I go in, get the sprite BAM, make the toast and butter it BAM, and slice the orange into perfect slices BAM! I bring the food to her she grabs the plate with disgust. Picks up the toast and says "theres not enough butter on this go back and put more on it! And the oranges (brace yourself) are cut VERTICALLY!!! I like my oranges cut HORIZONTALLY you can take these and throw them in the trash!"

This wasn't a aww I'm sick voice it was a whiny spoiled brat voice.


Now the way this story should end was me goin back in the kitchen and makin my self a nice double decker whip cream pie and smashin it in her face and leaving. I stuck around a few more months hahaha it's those little things


also note the deciding factor was when she tore the neck of an old pantera shirt I had since the 90's.


I hope this gives others dealing with the crazy azz hoe or a-hole that there is hope....there is a light at the end of the tunnel.....do a double decker in their toilet and stay PEACE!!!! Hahaha

=Death Hunter=

The Magic Bradley GT

So I came home yesterday from a gig to see an oldschool early 70's bradley GT in my driveway. Thought my Aunt had given it to me for my birthday cause I always bugged her to sell it to me if she ever sold it. Been in storage for 25 years.


And there it was.... Hahaha! Wrong! My fricken dad bought it! That a**h****. Thanks for nothin Auntie!!!! :P

=Death Hunter=

So I'm from Lima, OH. There has been a local burger chain here since the early 1900's. Right around 1920 if I remember correctly. If you ever go through Lima, OH on Interstate I-75. Stop and get the famous burger! It's the f***in bomb to put it bluntly, but still a simple burger.


Sometime in the 60's I think Dave Thomas came to Lima for a Grand opening of a wendys as he always did. And he went to Kewpee and loved the burger so much he ended up coming back the next week! Of course...to get more Kewpee and to steal their recipes!!!


Until I was told all this by someone whos family has been working with the compant for years it never hit me. The fries...the same. Until they went to natural cut. The square burgers...the same. Same big lettuce. Greasy. Good. Yes. The same recipe chili...the same only kewpees is better as well as all the items. And the kicker....the frosted malt! Yes my fellow forum goers, our friend Dave Thomas was a big ole thief! They've had the same menu and recipe since the 20's. And in the 60's Dave changed the line-up. To the Kewpee wannabe menu!


One thing Dave didn't get was that the meat is butchered and patied right in the back of the restaurant! That's where the awesome fresh flavor comes from. My personal favorite!!!


Stop through and try it sometime!

=Death Hunter=

Obama the Destroyer

Obama...where do we begin? Racks up more spending than all other presidents combined helping "us" and creating jobs for "us". Oh the first TRILLION didn't work we better spend another 500 billion that'll work. No. Get the f*** out of our country you socialist bastard. This is america. This is capitalism.


We don't want you're Obamacare government healthcare. We don't need job creation offices or bigger government. We need huge tariffs on goods. See the work come flying back in! You put 20% tariff on chinese and in less than 90 days you would see a job explosion. You couldn't hire people fast enough.


I don't see Obama being able to put up a fight in the next "landslide" election were gonna have here in the states in 2012. But I urge new, young voters to do some research. Don't believe their lies.Theyre all liars. But we can't go electing socialists and marxists into office. Not in America. Obama is intentionally running our country into the ground. It's there for all to see. Look at your paystubs. Tax tax tax. There's people in New york that pay 65% of their wages FIRST in taxes!!!! He wants it so EVERYONE is dependent on the government.


We are a nation of entruapenours and business people. We built this countr. We will endure.


This is strictly my opinion as a taxpaying american. Everyones entitled.


I leave you with this...


I see capitalism as a big pool. As we get bigger we expand and build the walls higher and re-inforce them and keep them strong. In obamas world he thinks everybody is eual no matter if they don't work and suck government cheese from the taxes us hard paying americans provide for the sick and extremely poor. He thinks we should distribute money by over taxing the rich. It's capitalism baby you work hard for it you can have whatever you want in this country. In his socialist world I see it as a pool with a dep and shallow end. You can take water from the rich (the dep end) and distribute it to the shallow end (suckers and thieves) but the pool never grows. No growth = shit.


It's those little things

=Death Hunter=

I myself would first either steal an army tank from work if I were there at the time. Or prepare to make the drive/hike to my work to steal a facking army tank. I would then stock all my weapons and food inside the tank. Then my mission would be to obtain some sort of gas powered pump to refuel.....from there I don't know. I would Probably go looking to find all the lost hot chicks and make ouy way to a south american beach. I mean...who the fack is gonna stop me in a tank? Hahaha

=Death Hunter=

Electric Fence

Ahhhh it's good to be back from my litle vacation in hell. Have had alot going on lately and I haven't been on BUT I'M BACK MU-HUKAS!!!!!


so one of the things I've been doing is building a pole barn on my grandmas farm. I was out cutting down tall weeds with a badass oldschool sythe. Well after about an hour into it the end came loose and it flew over the fence and landed about a foot on the other side. In the horse pasture. No biggie right? Wait!!!! Shit!!! There's an electric fence there. But was it on? I couldn't remember if they still used it so I reached out and tapped it.... Like that scene from Home Alone where Joe pecsi checks the doornob after being burnt the first time "hah hah! Hehehehehee"


yeah well I was oblivious that I had rubber soles on my boots I was wearin...of course I didn't get shocked. So.... I leaned over in between the middle and bottom lines and as soon as I picked up the metal blade the botton line hit me write across my stomach, I clenched on the blade, jumped, hit the middle wire across my back and violently flailed until I was out of the mess......


After realizing what just happened to me I look over hearing laughter. My dad is laughing so hard I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. Real f***in funny a**h****...he f***in knew. It's those little things...

=Death Hunter=

Yeah so I've been smoking pot and watching Tom Waits on Youtube. I get a facebook msg saying to call this number for the Avalon Bar, they wanna book me... Blah, blah, blah I call em set somethin up. I goto save the number after i hung up. And did it while watching the videos. 2 mins later I pick my phone up, it lights up, and Im looking at Tom Waits' contact information..... I wrote Tom Waits instead of The Avalon Bar when I saved the contact. Its those little things B)

=Death Hunter=

Welding sucks

Not only am I a government/military certified tank mechanic. But also a gov military certified welder. Which means the dept right now needs Styker vehicles. Which means I have to weld. And it sucks. This summer in Ohio has broken record. And when it's 99 degrees outdide with 105 heat index and your inside a megastructure (no really our plant was on "Mega Structures" on the discovery channel) with a bunch of ppl welding and grinding and banging crap, then you gotta put on a coat hat and gloves, and get some welding on.... It gets hot. Super hot.


If there are any welders out there tht read this you probably haven't heard of jet pulse welding. These are super manual welders.... Basically the setting is cranked, 1000 inches a min on the wire speed. It's incredible. And incredibly brights. This process can melt your helmet and destroy a pair of welding gloves with ur digits inside in seconds if not don't correctly and cautiously. This is how we weld "things" here. Can't say much more about it. There's also mig, spray, short-arc, tig, etc check out general dynamics land systems on discovery channels videos!


oh yeah and that's why today sucks!!! Welding stryker vehicles puffin down some of this precious manganese, slicon, and iron fumes, sweatin my balls off!!!! It's those little things...


=Death Hunter=

One of my favorite beers of all time is Sierra Nevadas Pale Ale. If you can get ahold of it try it it's great! If you like pale ale or even IPS's this beer is for you. Just look for the green box!!!

they also make Kellerweis, Torpedo IPA, and 2 more i belive. An amber I think.


Sierra Nevada brewing company thank you!!! :yahoo

=Death Hunter=

So because I like alot of imported beer, I try alot of new ones all the time. Thought maybe I'd share. I have some Einbecker - Mai-Ur-Bock German Import


Its pretty damn good. At 6.5% alc vol its got a good bite to it. And it has a little bitterness like a light heinekin, but not to much. I myself do not prefer it. And a nice smooth hoppy after taste.


Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock, you get a 9.0 on DH's beer-o-meter scale!!!

=Death Hunter=

Yeah so I was speeding out on a back road in the country today and got pulled over. Go figure right? Coolest cop that ever pulled me over. As I tried to tell him I was on my 40 mile trek home was why I was speeding he kept interrupting me sayin "it happens" "we all do it sometimes". He informed me that my license plate sticker was on the front and not the back and gave me a warning for 74mph in a 55mph zone. Not to shabby....its those little things


=Death Hunter=

Straw eyes

Why do bars put those little straws in my whiskey on the rocks? Or any drink for that matter in a short glass? Yeah, yeah, yeah, to stir it up....


Is it just me or are the straws engineered to fit in the bottom of the glass and seat perfectly into your cornea when taking a drink?


And you know damn well you can't drink the beverage through the tiny straw so you gotta go for it. It's just after 5-6, you forget to hold the straw down. It's those little things...


! - (

=Death Hunter=

Yeah, on a 40 mile run to work. A little late. I have 3 semis, a motorcycle, and a white impala leading the pack on a state route going 45-50. They were spaced out enough to safely go around and this took about 10 mins. Last semi , I pass.... This whole process took almost 15 mins of me maintaing composure while running late. I get by the semi...ahhh there's the white impala that's been goin 45mph for the last 15 mins and a clear stretch of highway to pass!!! I go for it...the a**h**** nails it! I nail it all the way up to 80 and the dude doesn't let me pass! It's times like these that I'm glad I never carry a CCL license in my vehicle. It's those little things...

=Death Hunter=

This is a story from 2 years ago that I was just thinkin about and I thought it'd be good for the bolg....


Summer 2010:

Coldwater lake, Michigan


Long story short it was our 2nd day into Memorial Day weekend and of course we were getting trashed. Almost all of my friends and I are musicians. A reasonably large clique at that. We had a large tupperwar coolaid container full of tequilla and lemonade. If you've never had it try it out. Going tthru campsites with some friends jamming guitars for people we keep seeing a state trooper vehicle going through the streets creeping if you will. It was a little strange because they kept in a 2-3 block proximity of us for about 2 hours until finally they were cruisin right by us. More than 3-4 times I'd say.


We decided maybe 1am was a little late for the troopers liking of us goin around drunk and maybe they thought we were bothering people with the music (on a sat nite). So, wer proceeded to head back to our own camp...


First time the troopers came up behind us down the streets (a group of 5 stumbling drunks with instruments) they stayed behind us about 5 mins...then went around like that scene from Super Troopers. I remember the mustache like it was yesterday. Rnd time they did it again, cruised by this time with the window down just plain staring us down. No uestions or words...just silense and stares.


By the time they got behind us the 3rd time we were walking around the corner onto the street of our camp. They pull right up beside us (note: it was a relatively hot and sticky evening evening with tthe humidity) and the trooper in the passenger side leans out the window and says "how y'all doin t'night???" and we reply "pretty good how about you guys" (im sure this was mostly slurs) The trooper then looked at us in this weird blank face and says "oh just enjoying the heat.......in a bulletproof vest!" Just they way he said it was eerie and a bit creepy. And he continued to hang his head out and look at us as they pulled away. We never saw them again the rest of the weekend and I always wondered if they were just messin with us for their own sick amusement. The officers tone itself was a little disturbing and I think we all thought they were gonna shoot us on the dark poorly lit street. It's those little things

=Death Hunter=

So I'm on my way to work today taking the same route as normal. SR 33 east to I-75 North... I'm hungry. Thinkin about stopping off along the way for a whopper. Sounds perfect right? As I'm driving down the highway I'm in the fast lane, approaching a red sport car and a semi in front of it. In the slow lane. As I get up beside the car (note: I was doing about 68-70 mph. The car was just a little slower than me. Prolly 65) they turn on their turn signal to move into my lane. He doesn't even see me. I beep. They still slowly move over. I lay on horn, hit the rumble strips, break, while still on the horn I get behind them with my arm out the window doin the international "what the f*** was that" gesture....


They get back into the slow lane and as I pass, the guy rolls his window down and starts yelling things at me. Normally I would give The International sign for F@-K YOU. But I had to slow down and rip his cause he ran me off the highway goin 70. He's about 21 ridin with his dad. Hat cocked to the side with a lip ring. Nothin wrong with that. Just this guys make those people look like douchiots. Before I ould start to rip him he says "watch yer speed!" In my best imbred voice. Stunned...although still able to rip him one. And responds "watch yer speed"


Now I'm takin it this dude didn't see me til after he ran me off the road saw me up on his ass after the fact, on my horn, pissed off. He thought he just cut me off. Goes to show the morons we have on our roads and highways. And it's surprising that people like that survive as long as they do.


it's those little things...

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