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Kewpee Burgers...the best stolen flavor!

=Death Hunter=



So I'm from Lima, OH. There has been a local burger chain here since the early 1900's. Right around 1920 if I remember correctly. If you ever go through Lima, OH on Interstate I-75. Stop and get the famous burger! It's the f***in bomb to put it bluntly, but still a simple burger.


Sometime in the 60's I think Dave Thomas came to Lima for a Grand opening of a wendys as he always did. And he went to Kewpee and loved the burger so much he ended up coming back the next week! Of course...to get more Kewpee and to steal their recipes!!!


Until I was told all this by someone whos family has been working with the compant for years it never hit me. The fries...the same. Until they went to natural cut. The square burgers...the same. Same big lettuce. Greasy. Good. Yes. The same recipe chili...the same only kewpees is better as well as all the items. And the kicker....the frosted malt! Yes my fellow forum goers, our friend Dave Thomas was a big ole thief! They've had the same menu and recipe since the 20's. And in the 60's Dave changed the line-up. To the Kewpee wannabe menu!


One thing Dave didn't get was that the meat is butchered and patied right in the back of the restaurant! That's where the awesome fresh flavor comes from. My personal favorite!!!


Stop through and try it sometime!


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oh wow man. i just moved from Lima last year :D how cool is that?! from age 16 to 22. plus 4th grade at Faurot Elementary...3rd grade at another school.....forgot what its called tho, tannish/orangish/brownish colored. but anyway, kewpees is the bomb-diggy. i like the kewpees on Main Street, forget the one on Kibby and North by Sav-a-Lot and Dollar General and the one on Cable Rd. Main Street is where its at.


PS. i forgot they tore down all those old elem. schools and built new ones :/ RIP Faurot and Lima Senior. i graduated from the new Lima Senior.

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