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The Magic Bradley GT

=Death Hunter=


So I came home yesterday from a gig to see an oldschool early 70's bradley GT in my driveway. Thought my Aunt had given it to me for my birthday cause I always bugged her to sell it to me if she ever sold it. Been in storage for 25 years.


And there it was.... Hahaha! Wrong! My fricken dad bought it! That a**h****. Thanks for nothin Auntie!!!! :P


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u blogs are getting boring to be honest.. there is no information which can make me more educated or no jokes which makes me laugh.. all I see is... boring stuff.. sorry buddy but that is just honest opinion...

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I will try and work on that. It was just really weird coming home and seeing that car there. Little disheartening because I thought my elderly aunt had givin it to me and my dad snatched it up

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