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The crazy hoe and the vertically sliced orange

=Death Hunter=



Ok so I got a comment that said my blogs were getting a little bland so I hope this little story about an ex-girlfriend of mine does the trick. This is a true story...nothing has ben changed.


For the most part we've all had "one of those" crazy girlfriend/boyfriends that have been...well... F'n crazy as hell. This storyis about a primpy girl who was pretty cool but most of the time was a b*** and so prissy that...well you'll read.


So this girl I had been dating was sick. Flu. I the gentleman I am was helping her and was about to make her sonething small to try to eat. (note:a few months prior I was sick I actually had pnemonia and she was yelling at me to get out of bed and go down into the basement to light the pilot light on the water heater. Kind of person she was. I was hospitalized the next morning) anyways she asked me for sprite, toast, and a sliced orange. EASY!!! Scoring points buddy! Right!?!? Right???


sure. So I go in, get the sprite BAM, make the toast and butter it BAM, and slice the orange into perfect slices BAM! I bring the food to her she grabs the plate with disgust. Picks up the toast and says "theres not enough butter on this go back and put more on it! And the oranges (brace yourself) are cut VERTICALLY!!! I like my oranges cut HORIZONTALLY you can take these and throw them in the trash!"

This wasn't a aww I'm sick voice it was a whiny spoiled brat voice.


Now the way this story should end was me goin back in the kitchen and makin my self a nice double decker whip cream pie and smashin it in her face and leaving. I stuck around a few more months hahaha it's those little things


also note the deciding factor was when she tore the neck of an old pantera shirt I had since the 90's.


I hope this gives others dealing with the crazy azz hoe or a-hole that there is hope....there is a light at the end of the tunnel.....do a double decker in their toilet and stay PEACE!!!! Hahaha


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