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=F l A= facebook group???

=Death Hunter=


So I was pondering just now why F l A doesn't have a facebook page/group?


I would think that people from the forums in the groups could recruit friends that are gamers that would join the forums and/or possibly be donors! +++ right????


The reason I am posting this in my blog is because when I searched FB for F l A I found 2 groups called "fearless assasins" one open one closed. They're a group of people from pakistan. It was a little weird.

didn't look much more into it from there hahaha


So yeah, what do others think of this? Maybe if I get positive feedback about it I'll maybe post in forums and see if we can get one made. Only takes about 5 mins...


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A blog is a blog, a forum is a forum, why create a blog post for this? Facebook is right on the forum homepage?

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Im almost always on here on my mobile. And I always do my blogs or other things while at work on breaks. I didnt see the facebook on the forum page thats why it was strange when my facebook search left me empty handed with nothing but some fearless pakistani assasins.


It was kind of odd. So my let down of the day went to my blog.


But! there is a F|A page so its all good. i am content

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