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  1. New mod for the game. Giant Slayer Mod. Every kill you grow til you die.
  2. We used to have the Judds and Reba... now we got...
  3. The website claims it's online but when I try to sign in the page fails online and I'm still getting errors signing in on the PlayStation. Anyone having any luck with it?
  4. Whose side are you on man? I have zero sympathy for terrorists. They're lucky they even lived after we captured them. If it were up to me I'd have just shot them in the head with a 25 cent bullet rather than feed and house them for years and years using the same taxpayer's money who they tried to kill. They're terrorists... they kill people... they killed over 3,000 innocent americans on 9/11. They deserve to be waterboarded. In fact, if we didn't have such techniques we wouldn't have gotten Bin Laden. As for police brutality, yes it needs to end. But this whole Mike Brown crap ended just as quick as it started. Mike Brown was a criminal. Also, he was not a boy. He was a 6' 4" 290 lb adult male who had just robbed a convenience store. A grand jury decision trumps people's opinions unfortunately and this story fell apart as soon as the facts started getting released. It does suck that someone got shot and killed don't get me wrong. But, this whole mess got politicized from the beginning. You got Al Sharpton out there (who is one of the most racist people I've heard speak if you listen to his rants) riling people up before anyone even knew what happened. So these "angry americans" went on to burn and destroy dozens of local businesses because some idiot strongarmed a convenience store owner and then tried the same thing with a police officer. And people are upset when the officer shot him? Police get killed too. Also, police get killed when their weapons are taken and used against them. The only reason that black people are 21% more likely to be shot by a white officer is because there are more white officers than black officers. White people are just as likely to be shot when they act the way Michael Brown did that day. That's not racism. If people want this to end it is a very simple process. Quit wasting precious time and energy on protesting police violence and start protesting your government to pass a law where ALL on-duty law enforcement are forced to wear chest cams from the time they clock in til the time they clock out. If you do some research you'll find that districts that wear cameras the complaints of police violence have drastically fallen. Almost instantly. I may sound like a big a-hole, and I don't really stand up for piece of s#$t cops... but destroying your own city out of uneducated and undirected anger is just plain ignorant.
  5. Oh dude, that happened here in Ohio like a month or so ago. Blew our basketball net over and it smashed up the hood of my jeep. Sucks...
  6. Lol rated 105 times!!!
  7. Chivalry:Medieval Warfare is an awesome game. Gonna try it out on console too. http://www.joystiq.com/2014/10/17/chivalry-medieval-warfare-raids-xbox-360-ps3-in-december/ As like most other fans I don't really know why it wasn't released on PS4, Xbox 360, etc. I'm still hoping we can get a F|A server for this game someday!!!
  8. Lol got a SS of a solar eclipse too!!!
  9. I didn't think it was overly charged??? If you're going to post props to a U.S. president past or present you have to expect some kind of banter from Americans. I found it freindly and amusing. I don't believe I or he insulted anyone. Just opinions.
  10. But honestly, I'm pleased with my service. Not too pricey and I have fantastic internet speed. Also, I have yet to meet a gatekeeper. I've never met a website I couldn't look at.
  11. Well then we will see. Nothing good will come out of allowing the U.S. government to dig in deeper on us. If you think it's bad now, just wait. Our country has been overrun by corrupt, greedy politicians. They only do things that benefit themselves in some way or another.
  12. Didn't really even know they eclipses in minecraft but I caught one with a screenshot. Pretty cool.

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