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I got the media blues....

=Death Hunter=


So its time for another (long awaited i know) entry in my blog. Its been awile.


As for this entry of things that tend to drive me nuts or ruin my day... we now have the media. Which is nothing new. But for anyone living in America who has any idea of the dangerous waters we have been in for the past decade knows that we have piss poor media coverage on important subjects! From out boohooing over a stupid AAA credit rating (which our government has been abusing anyway), to the ridiculous Trayon Martin case.


We now have a marxist authority in the presidential seat. His cabinet so crooked you couldnt put a glass in it. News coverage that denied Ron Paul of anything. Certainly a man like Ron Paul who is worried aboutour liberty crumbling around us, wants to do away with income taxes and the IRS, lower taxes for EVERYONE, do away with big government, get our big noses out of everyones business and worry about our own for a little while, and make the world a better place for all mankind doesnt deserve media coverage.


We cant be distracted for weeks on end because some punk ass kid got shot. Plain and simple if you listen to the un-edited 911 call he never raisea his voice he is calm and collected. No signs of pre-meditation. He states the kud was walking around back and fourth in the rain looking at things, houses, cars. He wasnt on his way anywhere or he wouldnt have stopped and walked towards mr zimmerman. And he wouldnt have ran away. He attacked zimmerman and got his ass shot. Nothing racial. Nothing inhuman. This should be a leason to criminals young and old. Case closed.


We have bigger fish to fry. Like the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012. Where was the coverage on this liberty crushing bill...passed on new yeears eve. Where was america? We were all partying. This is sick.


There are people in this country who believe everything tjey see on TV. And my advice to those people is "Believe nothing of what you hear, and half of what you see!"


...its those little things.


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The media is basically either a propaganda machine or a distraction (entertainment) machine. 12.7 million people are out of work and the headline is something about who won the Maryland lottery... Here is another headline about cops busting hazing at a frat house. I could care less. This is national news? Why is the government inserting themselves into consensual adult activities at a private club? Maybe the cops have too much free time? Maybe we should cut funding and have fewer cops focused on real crime?

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Maybe we should cut funding and have fewer cops focused on real crime?


It has to happen soon. I mean, even the way they control whats being put out. Take this for instance... They say the jobless rates are going down as well as the unemployment rates. They say less claims are being made. Claims are made on a weekly basis. And a little thing Obama did was make it so once youve exhausted your benefits, and at the 6 month mark (which is the allowance now) you are taken off the benefits and are put into a category of a non-working citizen.


Non-working. Not working, or unemployed. So by doing this it makes the jobless rate seem to fall when really its just the jobless running out of benefits. And just like the media will do they lie to us all.

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