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  1. bikes

    I think that qualifies as an assload of bikes..
  2. ET crashes when downloading pk3 files

    Solution found. ET.exe has to be [right-click] "Run as Administrator" I hate win7.
  3. ET crashes when downloading pk3 files

    The error occurs when trying to connect to any of the servers. It says I have missing pk3 files and fails to download them. It says jaymod/~~fav2.pk3 and etmain/[bunch of boxes]~.pk3 are missing. Thanks, monk
  4. Donkey run over by Google Earth....

    dead donkey view is very popular
  5. et server suggestion North Pole 2012

    I like northpole
  6. Rumors about GeForce 690 and 670

    candy! *drool*
  7. I got the media blues....

    The media is basically either a propaganda machine or a distraction (entertainment) machine. 12.7 million people are out of work and the headline is something about who won the Maryland lottery... Here is another headline about cops busting hazing at a frat house. I could care less. This is national news? Why is the government inserting themselves into consensual adult activities at a private club? Maybe the cops have too much free time? Maybe we should cut funding and have fewer cops focused on real crime?
  8. GeForce GTX 680 in single-slot-design

    The whole card is encased! ..probably to keep the air flow steady with no dead spots.
  9. Apologies for my recent absence

    You should be sorry.. I was all like.. where is death hunter? And everyone was all like.. I donno. and I was all like.. wtf??
  10. good bye all

    nooooooooooooooo! don't go man!
  11. Magic trick:))) hehehehe

    Magical disaster.. HAHA!
  12. !pants thread.. all pants.. all the time

    HAHA! A flounder formal dress..
  13. !pants thread.. all pants.. all the time

    I think it really depends on whose body.. maybe Scarlett Johsanson?