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  1. Currently in the middle of a community theater run. Not very active. Should be back by end of august.

  2. The same sort of stuff come out for every major online game. I remember when WoW was launched. There was a whole bunch of bugs, and the servers were full. But eventually in a 2-3 weeks the servers will be more stable, the errors have help instructions for them, and the game will be more playable. Those first weeks are frustrating though. No, the only real problem i think Blizzard has is where is it going to spend and put the bucketloads of money being handed to the company from this sell-out game.
  3. I use Avast Anti-Virus as well.
  4. I don't know if any modern tactics can help us in CoD4.
  5. Nice to see you Poo-Bear. See you on abner!
  6. Salieri


    Welcome to our community! What game do you like to play? I'm usually on CoD4 on the abnerdog server.
  7. Nothing personal beedub. But I also had an experience with canada. I was 6 years old when me and my family camped in canada. I fell in a campfire on one night and suffered severe burns all over my body. My skin was hanging from my arms. The doctors in canada quickly took me in and cared for me. Thanks to their care, my skin is back to normal, i only have slight scarring on my hand and arm, and when we looked for the bill. They said no thanks, that the care was free and the doctors called every pharmacy along our trip to make sure my pain meds were there. It was tremendous care and for free. I was also a portland shriners patient. They give tremendously good care at that childrens hospital. However It's also a non-profit childrens hospital that runs on donations. All kids accepted their have pretty much free health care with little competition. To say that this place is a good example of how US health care works would not be a good comparison. Wait times can get bad in canada. But paying for a surgery with private health insurance can get pretty bad too. There are people who get refused treatment or specialists because they can't afford it. Public health care and basic private health care is about the same quality in my opinion. The rich will always get the best doctors, but no sytem will affect that. But I will say this about the US system, and that is that bad health always means good business.
  8. I don't think i ever really "run away" from objectives. Too many times i will witness a gun fight start happening that i feel like we are losing in. So i will get away. I will try to flank them or get around the defense to get an objective. But you can't take an objective dead, so those that say that people are only trying to protect their KDR, are only half right. The point is for the team to stay alive while at the objective so we can take it. So I will fight and stay alive so that my team can overall take the objective, if i don't feel like we can take it, i'll change up my strategy so we can do it. That's not to say 1 man can't take objectives, but that those that manage to control the area itself, usually control the objectives.
  9. yeah my biggest tip on operating the ak-47 well is the same as above. Learn how to use short bursts to shoot your target. After like the first 3 shots it starts to go all over the place. And of course keep practicing the AK until it becomes much smoother to handle. I haven't operated an AK-47 on one of my classes in awhile. (I usually stick with m4red-dot or m14red-dot) BUt whenever i run out of bullets, picking up an AK is a godsend and a good weapon to have.
  10. I got my name from the movie Amadeus. Antonin Salieri is the main protagonist in the movie, who is the only one to see the genius of Mozart, but thwarts his career out of envy. Salieri ends up causing Mozarts death indirectly. So I took Salieri from that movie.

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