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The day the music died...

=Death Hunter=


This is a story from 2 years ago that I was just thinkin about and I thought it'd be good for the bolg....


Summer 2010:

Coldwater lake, Michigan


Long story short it was our 2nd day into Memorial Day weekend and of course we were getting trashed. Almost all of my friends and I are musicians. A reasonably large clique at that. We had a large tupperwar coolaid container full of tequilla and lemonade. If you've never had it try it out. Going tthru campsites with some friends jamming guitars for people we keep seeing a state trooper vehicle going through the streets creeping if you will. It was a little strange because they kept in a 2-3 block proximity of us for about 2 hours until finally they were cruisin right by us. More than 3-4 times I'd say.


We decided maybe 1am was a little late for the troopers liking of us goin around drunk and maybe they thought we were bothering people with the music (on a sat nite). So, wer proceeded to head back to our own camp...


First time the troopers came up behind us down the streets (a group of 5 stumbling drunks with instruments) they stayed behind us about 5 mins...then went around like that scene from Super Troopers. I remember the mustache like it was yesterday. Rnd time they did it again, cruised by this time with the window down just plain staring us down. No uestions or words...just silense and stares.


By the time they got behind us the 3rd time we were walking around the corner onto the street of our camp. They pull right up beside us (note: it was a relatively hot and sticky evening evening with tthe humidity) and the trooper in the passenger side leans out the window and says "how y'all doin t'night???" and we reply "pretty good how about you guys" (im sure this was mostly slurs) The trooper then looked at us in this weird blank face and says "oh just enjoying the heat.......in a bulletproof vest!" Just they way he said it was eerie and a bit creepy. And he continued to hang his head out and look at us as they pulled away. We never saw them again the rest of the weekend and I always wondered if they were just messin with us for their own sick amusement. The officers tone itself was a little disturbing and I think we all thought they were gonna shoot us on the dark poorly lit street. It's those little things


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