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Bad Drivers (I'm sure this will be part 1)

=Death Hunter=



So I'm on my way to work today taking the same route as normal. SR 33 east to I-75 North... I'm hungry. Thinkin about stopping off along the way for a whopper. Sounds perfect right? As I'm driving down the highway I'm in the fast lane, approaching a red sport car and a semi in front of it. In the slow lane. As I get up beside the car (note: I was doing about 68-70 mph. The car was just a little slower than me. Prolly 65) they turn on their turn signal to move into my lane. He doesn't even see me. I beep. They still slowly move over. I lay on horn, hit the rumble strips, break, while still on the horn I get behind them with my arm out the window doin the international "what the f*** was that" gesture....


They get back into the slow lane and as I pass, the guy rolls his window down and starts yelling things at me. Normally I would give The International sign for F@-K YOU. But I had to slow down and rip his cause he ran me off the highway goin 70. He's about 21 ridin with his dad. Hat cocked to the side with a lip ring. Nothin wrong with that. Just this guys make those people look like douchiots. Before I ould start to rip him he says "watch yer speed!" In my best imbred voice. Stunned...although still able to rip him one. And responds "watch yer speed"


Now I'm takin it this dude didn't see me til after he ran me off the road saw me up on his ass after the fact, on my horn, pissed off. He thought he just cut me off. Goes to show the morons we have on our roads and highways. And it's surprising that people like that survive as long as they do.


it's those little things...



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