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Bad Drivers Part Deux (told ya there would be more)

=Death Hunter=



Yeah, on a 40 mile run to work. A little late. I have 3 semis, a motorcycle, and a white impala leading the pack on a state route going 45-50. They were spaced out enough to safely go around and this took about 10 mins. Last semi , I pass.... This whole process took almost 15 mins of me maintaing composure while running late. I get by the semi...ahhh there's the white impala that's been goin 45mph for the last 15 mins and a clear stretch of highway to pass!!! I go for it...the a**h**** nails it! I nail it all the way up to 80 and the dude doesn't let me pass! It's times like these that I'm glad I never carry a CCL license in my vehicle. It's those little things...



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pretty much this guy held up traffic on a two llane state route during shift change time. I had to pass 4 vehicles to get past him and when I went to pass he sped up and wouldn't let me pass

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