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Let's talk beer...

=Death Hunter=


So because I like alot of imported beer, I try alot of new ones all the time. Thought maybe I'd share. I have some Einbecker - Mai-Ur-Bock German Import


Its pretty damn good. At 6.5% alc vol its got a good bite to it. And it has a little bitterness like a light heinekin, but not to much. I myself do not prefer it. And a nice smooth hoppy after taste.


Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock, you get a 9.0 on DH's beer-o-meter scale!!!


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I'm pretty sure that I have had that. I also had some =oint r012 Back Ale last night that was really good too!


one of my best friends owns a club tri-plex and the lower level is a really nice bar with over 50 imports. All really good beer. Whenever I go there he sends me home with a 6-pack of all the new different beer they're trying...and my favorites too.


sierra nevada pale ale is always in top 3 for me! So good!!!

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Let's talk about some REAL beer, Stella Artois and Duvel. You should try a gulden draak, knocks you off your socks

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