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von Rantala

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In Topic: hello all

Today, 10:14 AM

Welcome to FAmily!

In Topic: 2017 - Donations - Post in this topic once you donate

21 February 2017 - 06:44 AM

Forgot to reply in here, but added this to goal in 8.Sept.


Made minor donation my self too, let see how regulary i can send something now when i got better paying work.


20 dollar. Confirmation number: 6D412912B2387383L.



that time again :) 40$

Confirmation number: 96046828HH112871W.



Confirmation number: 4VC81114XK983784K

$20.00 USD





Kk here we go again,


0WV52181J8538224M 20 Dollars 

7DS47838XP8961355 and monthly 5 dollars


And for missed Jan donation'

167970051M927891Y 20 dollars more


Counts 45 bucks more to FA


Edited by Juzu


All added to goal. Thank you for the donations!

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

20 February 2017 - 06:27 AM



also, Nyquist gets 6 games for this??? are you serious, only 6 six games?



I try say it polite here without curse words, but daam i was pissed off how easily players can walk away with those kind slashes, you remember what Ducan Keith did for Coyle, if not look at this



That was 6 game penalty too, its look like if you are Wild player everyone can really try to hurt you or try to end your career and get walk away with only 6 game penalty, thats so sick. If that slash would happen to Toews or Crosby, Nyqvist would have sit 30 games, and if that player who slashed Coyle would not have been Detroit or Chicago (big market team) player he would have got bigger penalty. Its just so sick how referees and NHL safety judges treat us. Good example is that we get least powerplayes in the NHL, last two games there has been very dirty plays what havent been called to us. Not nice at all, but we keep winning, this make us just stronger. We lead West now for 9 points :)


PS. If that Keith slash would happen in this year, our players would react a lot different way, they would jump on Ducan Keith and Defence Coyle more better, now they just let Keith walk away. Boudreau mark can be seen on that too. We are harder team to play against and you cant walk away on those kind slash anymore. Like we did go defence Spurgeon on Nyqvist slash.


To Nyquist's defense, he's not known to be a dirty player, was never suspended. With his reaction, I honestly believe that this is not what he meant to do.

I think he just wanted to slash him in the chest but failed completely lol


So you think that if someone murder someone first time he should get minor penalty because he is not dirty human? Sure you can go and try to end someone career and try to hit your stick to player eye and make one of his eye blind and because you havent been dirty player you get only minor penalty. That should not affect to penalty if you have been dirty player or not before. Ofc accident happens and if player do it accidentally that should affect to amount of penalty, but Nyqvist didnt apolgize to Suprgeon he just stand and whatched him after slash. Plus you can see that he looked where Spurgeon was and looked on his head, just before slash, so it really was intentional.


Just wow.. That should never happen



Do goals allowed if puck go net and goalie dont have mask?

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

15 February 2017 - 11:34 AM

Woah super frustrating game against Ducks. Was annoyng to watch how lucky someone can be. Gibson played great game and stole game for ducks, its happen to everyone once or twice in season that opposite goalie stole game, but we was not able to put puck in the net in our chances when Gibson was out. Then we gave very weak goal and lost because that. Sometimes hockey is ugly and unequal as all sport, but sometimes when you are in winning site, you can cheer your goalie. Dubnyk has stole couple game for us so lets forgive one easy goal what lead to lost. We have played great hockey lately, even that we lost against ducks (we cant win all games) we played good and solid offensive hockey. You never want lose, but this lose is easier to accept, because we was better team and would win 99 time of 100. Sometimes you just hit to hot goalie.



Btw Julien is new coach in Habs, that made habs a lot better team and is bigger move than anyone else can do in trade deadline or in middle of season. Julien is top 3 coach in the league and this move make Habs favorite team from east to reach in Stanley finals. Yes they defence is little bit thin and they would need more wide in the third line and maybe would welcome big center, but with Bergevin they have best GM and with Julien top coach. Julien can boost players to play better.

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

12 February 2017 - 02:59 PM

Great game from Wild and from Koivu. Two assist for Koivu and he saved two goal also, for good stick handling and blocking. All what you need from your Captain and all what you need for best two way player of NHL, best in offesive zone and best in defence zone.


Now to sleep!