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In Topic: Formula 1 2017

26 March 2017 - 08:25 AM

I think it was booring race, only great thing was when Ocon and Hülkenberg overtaked Nolonso (Alonso). After that Nolonso decided to retire hah. Good to see that Ferrari have some pace against Mercedes now, was disappointent to see Ricciardo to retire he is great driver and my favorite driver with Kimi. Let see what type of season is coming, but i hope more overtakes. In China track is better and we can see more overtakes than in Melbourne.

In Topic: 2017 - Donations - Post in this topic once you donate

26 March 2017 - 07:38 AM



(yeah , this is for the beer i couldn't grab today :P)



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30$ donation ++



With lots of love,

$10 from my Cheep ass.

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Added to donation goal, thank you for the donations!

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

25 March 2017 - 11:54 AM

Woah we are down 0-4 against Canuks and it will be probably our 9 lost in last 11 game. First i was not worried on our losing streak because in first seven lost, we was better team, we had more scoring chances, we just didnt get help from Dubnyk and we was not scoring from our chances. This and last game has been our worst, no heart at all, no badle lvl at all and Bruce has done huge mistakes behind bench, Winnipeg game he should have change goalie in 0-2 situation and we could have won it, now in last three, four game, no any changes in line ups and in interviews he has raised his hands up and saying he dont have answer to our losing streak, he should mix up line ups and try to wake up players, now again in Canuks game, he should have change Kuemper out from goal after third goal. I have feared whole season that our back up goalie kill our season, and i was super dissapointent that GM didnt take better back up to us in trade deadline, now we have NHL worst back up goalie and he cant save pucks and cant give rest for Dubnyk what he need. (Kuemper has pulled out from goal from his last two start) We should try test our AHL goalies, they are better choise than Kuemper is. Bruse should mix up our PP units, add Staal in the Granlund and Koivu line and Parise in the blue line and Spurgeon as second D.


There is period left, i wish to see Bruce mix up lines, only line which is working is Granlund-Koivu-Zucker Line.

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

25 March 2017 - 10:58 AM

Its nauseous how big star players like Crosby and Keith can do as they want and get away without penalty.  See latest insident where no penalty to Crosby



So if Crosby or Keith kill someone then they probably get penalty, but they can freely end someone career without penalties because they are star players

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

18 March 2017 - 01:50 PM

We are in minor struglin mode atm, lost four game from last five (first time in this season) and we still have little bit hard to get goals, but worst problem has been in between pipes, and i think this last 10 game when Dubnyk GA is over 3 and save percent under 91 can cost him Vezina. I still trust that Dubnyk get his came back, because we will be in problems if he not get his game back because we dont have good back up in the roster. Hawks lead us by one point (in standings by 3, but they played one game more) so its not in our hands anymore, but there is still a lot hockey left and we just need to win one game more than Hawks to win own Division. Would be first division win for Wild (in my watching era) so i hope we get it, but main thing is to get ready in playoffs, division win come if it come, but main focus is for Cup. Koivu has been beast, he has been our best player lately. He not get recongnasation because Staal is playing in our team and Staal get all the media recoption. Even our own comentators dont give credit to Koivu, i dont like our commentators at all, i like NBC games a lot more, they see when team is playing well or player is playing well. Its always funny how after one game when Parise made goal, our commentators cheer him how great he has played and how big hero he is for team, even that there is Granlund, Koivu, Niederreiter, Zucker, Staal, Coyle, Pomminville and Hanzal who all played a lot better year than Parise. If i remember corretly Parise is only player who +/- is in minus in our team, could be possible that Scandalla is in minus too. (cant count Hanzal because his minus come from ARI) Our PK is a lot worse when use Parise than when we use Hanzal.


Anyway even that we lost four game from last five, all has been one goal or two goal games (before empy net goal) so we have been very close to win, our goalies has just lost all goalie baddles, Läck was in last game biggest reason why Carolina won game. Its annoyng to see how Dubnyk lost so many goalie baddles row lately. He is still great goalie, he just get to get his came back on track. His save percent is still league lead.