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von Rantala

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von Rantala

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In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

Yesterday, 08:30 AM

Dam it Brodin will be out next 4 week :/ We re-called Mike Reilly from AHL. But i would like to see that we use Zucker in the second PP in the blueline, he has good shot and he is fast skater if needed to defence. Just saw Vanek assist from last night, daam i miss him in the Wild, i think we made mistake when we did buy out him instead of Pomminville, i thought that rightway after we bought out Vanek and this year has show me that i was right. I had to choose between him, or Parise. (because salary cap) Now look like my choise was incorret in Fantasy team also, i love Vanek attidute (yes his defence lack what was reason that i choosed Parise) but he is good leader and gentleman in the ice and off the ice. Parise has big heart and his baddle lvl his high, he is not so good leader as Vanek, but his baddle lvl is impressive when he dose play with burn. This year we just havent see old Parise yet. If you compate Vanek and Parise they are like day and night. With Vanek his attidute make biggest impression and with Parise his baddle lvl.

In Topic: Happy birthday to Audrey and Sponkala

Yesterday, 07:19 AM

Happy birthday my friends!

In Topic: What song are you listening right now? - Part 5

Yesterday, 07:08 AM

In Topic: How to connect to ETPRO server

Yesterday, 06:57 AM

yeah noticed too its missing there. it shows up when 1 person is at least on server.

that u landed on nq2 is strange and i didn't try it. i connect via ip 


i would also like to request putting the 2 etpro server on forum to the "ET servers" list.

i did sent FA the layout and code to "contact us" so it should be only (hopefully) copy paste to website.


Woah, forgot this, will spam DD on this matter too. :) Let see when we can get them in the list. Pls continue staying patiance. We have a lot stuff what to remember and we try to put in urgency order. To keep servers running smoothly jump always over other things. If you waited some things longer, pls pm me or re-use contact us, we very rarely forgot anything, but we are humanst too and might forget somethings, because we had reallife and a lot to do in clan.

In Topic: NHL Season 2016-2017

Yesterday, 05:20 AM

Hah remind a lot about these finnish hockey team Pelicans adversts where ex NHL goalie Pasi Nurminen is just great.