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von Rantala

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von Rantala

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In Topic: NHL Playoffs Pool 2017

17 July 2017 - 06:38 AM

When others training for upcoming season others decide take some weight and alcohol, maybe answer why Ovehckin is not same player as before.


In Topic: 2017 - Donations - Post in this topic once you donate

17 July 2017 - 04:10 AM

As promised. Ive taken DJs mantel to donate $1 for every pink name for the Summer GameDay 2017. Ive rounded it to 10. so here yeee gooooo!


$10 for you.


Confirmation number: 775610545Y0063916





50$ donation.

Thanks for the fun. So long.


Confirmation Number : 3GF19313SA335683G


Donations added to goal. Thank your for to donations :) Nice Rhyme Letdown :P :D



Hey guys!!
I just updated my silver VIP to platinum and by the way 35$ donated.
Transaction code : 9B257011YL6511542



Donation added to goal, on vip check your pm box. Thanks for donation and vip payment :)

In Topic: Rendel

16 July 2017 - 07:20 AM

Yeah so since I am so awesome, they decided to make a movie about me :D

Now the date is set and it'll be in cinema 22/9. Countries it will be released...I dont know, but it'll go international.



P.S. I propably mentioned to some before, but my good mate is one of the stars on this movie. He is the bearded one right in the beginning of the trailer. 


"Ehkä ne on väärässä järjestyksessä" lol from "mitä vittua" remind me on Vares 1 movie, that best fin movie ever with Pohjan Tähden Alla movies. Will watch movie for sure, even that there is not my fav Finnish actors Samuli Edelmann or Juho Milonoff.

In Topic: NHL Playoffs Pool 2017

09 July 2017 - 10:07 AM

Thornton signing is new contract





Mark Pysyk doing the same thing  hahahahaha



Remind me on these one, pretty funny even that i am not Selänne fan.


In Topic: NHL Playoffs Pool 2017

08 July 2017 - 03:40 AM

In the expension the Sharks lost David Schlemko, then Vegas traded him to Montreal for a 5th round pick lol. Doesnt really matter. He was the 6th def lol.


It sucks to see Marleau go, he's been in San Jose forever. But he asked for too many years. Can't really give 3 years to a 37 years old. I understand Toronto for doing it, they needed experience. And I'm happy for him because Toronto will be a very good team.


We signed Thornton for 1 year, that's good I guess lol. Nothing else really happened, contract extension for Vlasic and Jones for next years. There's no room in the team for new players really, a bunch of young players will have more ice time (labanc, meier).


I think Toronto will choose Marleau as they new captain, even that i keep hoping they would choose Komarov for that role :) But in USA/Canada its custom to choose team best player to captain and not best leader as captain, only very rarely team choose best leader as captain but then its usually mean that team dont have big super star. Like Ference was named in Edmonton and Jason Smith in Ottawa and in EMD couple year ago, both teams are btw from Canada :) so maybe its more custom in the USA than in Canada to choose best player as captain than best leader, but they did choose Crosby to captain in World cup, and not Toews who is in my mind is better leader.