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  1. Hey dudes I was playing Jay 1 yesterday on Radar Gun map and there are two mortars on allies side and only 1 mortar on axis, and then I have a doubt about it, can be chosen two mortars on only one? PS: I noticed that one of the players was a little bit strange his is Kato, it seemed he could follow me with mortar missel
  2. Red I access: Run -> services.msc -> Search for PnkBstrA.exe -> Click on Stop and then Restart
  3. is enanle! I fixed, was some files on services.msc I restarded it.But thanks for your suggestion
  4. it's begun yesterday, I cant join only Jay1, I re-installed et and pb.I read another topics about it too, but cant solved it....
  5. Welcome jow, have fun

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