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  1. Hello and welcome Carlos, enjoy your staying.
  2. And a third part.

  3. Here is second part.

  4. Have you guys seen this  👍😁


    1. Sonofdoc


      Thanks for posting, I haven’t seen that yet :0

    2. Vindstot


      To be honest I like the current graphics of ET 🤔

      Why I play a game is not because of the looks.

      But could be interesting to play it, idk

  5. hello Bleed good to see you in our forums
  6. Welcome to forums Oleg
  7. welcome back Tetsu, we miss you and love ya.
  8. Welcome back c@nos, enjoy our forums.
  9. Welcome to forums and welcome to ET again Shawn.
  10. Welcome to forums Thor my chicken enjoy your stay.
  11. Hello and welcome to our forums 313"s finest enjoy your stay
  12. Hello and welcome FCC good to see you in our forums and the you applied. good luck!
  13. hey Peace*man my chicken! :thumbsup

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thor+


      !teams2 peace ?? :spank

    3. Peaceman33


      Hello Thor good to see you around forum :) teams2 thor lol


    4. Thor+



      Hi friend! Are you okay? Cheep that freak gave me an abusive mute. 2 days I'm dumb and I do not go into hardcore to play for it. I left the server humiliated. just because I asked to give me admin level. I was an idiot for asking to give a shit of level 2. I do not want any more admin level. I do not need this. And the cheep lost a good friend. power abuse is a shit. Cheep and Comatose are 2 assholes. they put their level on their ass. But the rest I'm fine. Until finally you answered me peace! We'll talk later.. good nite bro!

      cya ..

      /vsay ftinfiltrate I penetrate Peace*man!

  14. Welcome to our forum Noodle enjoy your stay.
  15. Hello and welcome to our forum Ronan.

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