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The new wolfenstein: wolfenstein 2 the new Colossus

15 June 2017 - 10:45 AM

Hey people,

I hearded from a friend thst there are a bew wolfenstein come be out: wolfenstein 2: the new Colossus,

What do you think ???

Info: https://www.google.n...elchair-e3-2017

Greetz Rolan

part 1 of The story: The extinction of Cheepheep. (Rolan001's Blog)

19 May 2017 - 08:04 AM

Part one: Who is Cheepheep (Chickenleader) ?


This is Cheepheep (A.k.a Chickenleader)


Cheepheep nowadays in 2017 (a larger picture below the text)


Cheepheep is born in England. As a baby was Cheepheep a normal human baby with no problems. When he came as a student (adult age) in 2010, he moved out

from England to Malaysia to go study.

At the study period time in Malaysia something terrible happened with Cheepheep. He was eating at the Mac Donald’s company and ate a hamburger.

The hamburger was poised with an unknown virus. After some days Cheepheep don’t feeling well and was going to a hospital.

Through tests, the doctors discover a Mysterious chicken virus in Cheepheeps body. 

Through this virus was Cheepheep quickly changed into an evil/malignant chicken. Its became the first chicken in the world

who can speak humans-language with humans.


The mindset of Cheepheep changed dramatically. He saw that humans are killing chickens for fun to eat. By that day Cheepheep get

more angry, angry on humans and beside to kill all humans on the planet. If you look on his profile on the F|A forum where

he was a admin in human period. See Cheepheep evil profile page (WARNING!!! watch out a dangerous profile page,

it’s your own risk to look on it):




He is planning to full scale chicken invasion in begin 2020, to destroy the human kind on earth.

His plan is to make humanity extinct in 2030 forever. 


F|A community, is a community who ensures that there is peace on Earth (ET Playground). The F|A community has

expressed concern about Cheepheeps plans. People all over Malaysia are fleeing for the evil Cheepheep. Cheepheep and his chickens gang are

robbing people of their money and materials, to build an assault base with a large chicken army. Cheepheep is creating a homebase with chickens

to prepare for the invasion of early 2020.


The F|A community came together and had a emergency meeting to discuss what to do against the plans of evil Cheepheep and his large chicken army to invade the earth in 2020!!!!post-20570-0-79072100-1495209673_thumb.p


The story will be continued……  

Update Rolan001 operation and sickness

18 May 2017 - 01:59 PM

Hello people of F|A Community and friends.


A update from my side.

last week at 9 may, i was operated on my head to remove the Brain tumor. The operation toke 15 hours. see picture below.

Today 18 may at 9:30 in the morning i had approval to get home. 

I have to recovery 4-8 weeks from my operation. Below the text is a picture of mine, what i made today when i was home. Finally! I have a new art on my neck and head, well i have to live with that. People dont look to my hair.. my hair is ugly at the moment. 


The operation is 100% succeed and the brain tumor is fully taken away. Soon i will be in duty again!!! 

I walk now with a walking stick because i have still a lot of walking and orientation issues. Regularly double-sighted and tired quickly. The next weeks is resting a lot and recovery from my operation. I will start soon with training to get 100% fit again. 

I hope to see you soon on the forum and on ET. I will try to get online next week on friday at the ETPRO server, silent 1 or beginners 2 server. 



Cheepheep, your extinction will start soon and MX!, soon you can frag me on ET again as usally. I will be more active soon when im feeling better. 


I wanna thank everyone for the support, mailing me, sended cards and messages. 


Kind regard Rolan,

(Preface) The story: The extinction of Cheepheep. (Rolan001's Blog)

30 April 2017 - 03:03 AM

Hallo Friends and people from the F|A Community,

A lot of people know that im very sick at the moment. Despite being sick, i like to write fiction stories about great people and there personalities.


5 days ago, i had a great idea: write a fiction story about cheepheep ''the chicken''.


Cheepheep is a great person and a chicken as everyone knows. He is loved by many people for his humor and personality. 

For that reason I want to write a blog / story about cheepheep and ET. 

Im not make the story at the blogs section because, i cant put some photos between the texts, and in a topic i can put some photos between the texts. 


I will put soon as possible part one of the story on forum. (it can take time for a while).

i say goodbye

02 April 2017 - 10:35 AM

People and friends of the FA community. 

The reasons that i say goodbye is, that i heared at 23 march 2017 from the hospital, that through a blood test precancer is discovered in my body.

The next some weeks more tests will be done to exclude 100% it actually sure that is cancer or not. and also the last week with mine trial membership as everyone know. 

after two weeks of bad days and healthy problems i will say goodbye, 

I will come back at 2018 when healthy is better again, thx for the funny days at ET servers and forums, Thanks for everything and take care all of you F|A community.


Greet and goodbye,