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  1. Happy birthday Sisje

    Happy Birthday Sis! May all your birthday wishes come true ...
  2. Good old memories

    Hello and welcome to forums. Enjoy both Silent and Jay Mods!
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  4. Happy birtday PhoeniXx

    Happy Birthday Phoenix! May you continue to rise for many more ...
  5. Rough times in real world

    That is awful. Sorry to hear, but the fight is definitely winnable. Stay strong and best of luck!
  6. NotDanDan

    Hello Daniel. Welcome to forums and enjoy your stay!
  7. Gw$BadBoy

    Yo sup BadBoy 4 Life! Welcome to =F|A= Forums.
  8. Hi, Invocation here

    Hello and welcome to forums. Enjoy!
  9. Hi

    Hello and welcome to forums. Enjoy your stay!
  10. Hi all, i'm Asta

    Hello Asta and welcome to forums. Enjoy!
  11. Big congratz to ya mates!
  12. ET Server Easter Game Day

    Hope my friend =F|A=+Fluffy Bunny+ attends. This would be a perfect Gameday for him!
  13. Well, bretheren, What the hell is Up?

    Welcome back Soul Bro!
  14. im back!

    Welcome back man!
  15. Happy Birthday !MX.

    Happy Birthday !MX. Hope you have a great birthday sir.