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  1. need N:ET guid 😄 

  2. Welcome back and see you on the battlefield!
  3. (FORCE)

    ET Enemy Territory 2

    The updated graphics look amazing but graphics isn't everything. Gameplay, movement, and precise & accurate hitboxes are of the utmost importance too.
  4. Hello Dusty. Seen and played on the Jay mod servers with you before. Welcome to forums and glad you decided to visit. If you ever do want to expand your horizons, come play on some of the Silent Mod Servers like my home server, Silent1. The hitboxes, gameplay, jumping ability, and speed is a bit different on Silent Mod Servers compared to Jay Mod Servers.
  5. Hello LoJack and welcome to forums. Enjoy your stay!
  6. Hello Chuck. Welcome and enjoy!
  7. Hello and welcome Dink the Clown. Enjoy!
  8. It can be disheartening for everyone on servers when players give up so easily just because their losing in a game and rage quit. It's not fair for players who work so hard as a unit throughout a game for victory and all of a sudden don't get rewarded for their efforts because they have to switch or be switched. Even for admins it's unfair even though it's part of our duties to keep teams even. Back in the day, players with heart , actually finished matches and not ruin the balance of teams, thus not ruining the gaming experience for everyone. This seems to be a disappointing trend of lat
  9. Xiahou, welcome to forums and continue to enjoy your stay!
  10. Hello Hippo. Welcome to forums. I believe that you'll be in good company with fellow admins/players Lazy Hippo and Mint Hippo.
  11. Hi AirRaid. Fought on the battlefield against you a few times on Jay2. Quality player. Welcome to forums and catch U later on the battlefield!
  12. Hello SOupy. Seen you playing on Silent1 server a couple of times. Welcome to forums and enjoy!
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