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#799027 Sticks and Stones

Posted by Kooki on 17 February 2018 - 08:44 AM

You all know i always stick my nose where its not supposed to be and sometimes seem to make things worse.. for which i apologize.  

There is an old saying that says, sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me.

Im seeing some increase in drama lately .  I think the sticks and stones thing applies in these situations.  Also the Golden rule, not the one that says the one who has the gold makes the rules. Although thats true too.. Treat others like you wanna be treated.  if you do that then everyone will get along and there will be no drama, or hurt feelings, misunderstandings, mutes, kick outs, bans or anything.  It only takes just a second to hold the tongue.  Bible teaches that the tongue is the most unruley organ there is, see if that isnt true.  We say things that hurt each other with out even thinking about it and the other person might stay hurt for weeks or possibly even years.   So lets all try to keep our unruley tongues where they are supposed to be and get along w/o hurting someone or making them mad.  Heck if we have a hard time doing this in a game then what will happen in the real world.  Try that with your boss and see what that gets you.  Perhaps i need to worry about keeping my nose outta everyone's business.


#797745 Day of Infamy Funny/Game Screenshots

Posted by Kooki on 08 February 2018 - 05:26 PM

Today our fa server was full with all fa players

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#797450 How to free up hard drive

Posted by Kooki on 06 February 2018 - 10:40 AM

Hey bud, dont  know much about laptops but here is a suggestion that might work if you have the money.. I use a program called Aronis true image.  This program will let you clone your present drive onto another larger drive and boot to the new drive.  By doing this you can retain all your stuff and get a larger drive for your laptop as well.  I dont know how to tell you to do it on a laptop but im sure you can figure it out.  I cloned my ssd drive from 500 gb to a 1t and it worked fine... ive also cloned one from 1t to 500g and that worked well as well.  The way i understand it is the hd is only for storing files needed so you should be able to do this and keep your present computer and os intact.  A not about clone and booting.  If you do this then you remove your old hd and put the new one in its place.  You may have to then go into bios setup and select which drive will be the boot drive because the old drive isnt there anylonger.  Good luck.

#796982 Hey, I'm Azkal

Posted by Kooki on 02 February 2018 - 08:38 AM

Welcome to the forums.  I once liked to hear about my dog quit hunting, my pickup wont run, my job gave out, my wife is sleeping with someone else or left me, my boots have holes etc etc..  I was from tennessee near nashville.  I decided that wasnt me so i dont listen to cm any longer.  But glad you do.  again welcome to the forums

#796885 Hallo :) Im Xeilon = The Engineer

Posted by Kooki on 01 February 2018 - 08:27 AM

Hello and welcome to the forums and community]

#796798 Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse (31 Jan 2018)

Posted by Kooki on 31 January 2018 - 08:41 AM

I looked out to see it but it was obscured by clouds.   Watched in from the Hawaii observatory and it was pretty neat.  Ive seen these before but not all 3 at once.  The best celestial thing I've ever seen is the Hale Bop comet,it was spectacular!

#796795 DOI and Insurgency Promo Round

Posted by Kooki on 31 January 2018 - 08:37 AM

Congrats to yall.  I know all of you deserve the same kind of recognition so you get a big "Way To Go" thumbs up too.  W

#796102 Time To Build

Posted by Kooki on 26 January 2018 - 09:42 AM

I built my computer summer before last. i used the corsair carbide cube.  If youre gonna build one then this will keep your wires on one side with your pwr supply and your graphics card, cpu, and MB on the other.

I like the AMD graphics cards because they give just as good or better performance as the gforce but dont cost quite as much.  I heard the AMD gives less trouble too.

I put in the 1T ssd for the main hard drive, and a couple of reg hds to back up to and an a good grade cd/dvd read writer.

Also like the corsair series power supply.  It has many plug in ports and fits well with the corsair carbide cube.

I bought the latest and greatest I7 chip and matching mb with the highest speeds.. think mine was 3333 ghz and the memory was the best brand to match the mb and chip.  I put 32g in mine and have had no problems.

I purchased a walmart 36' lcd tv for the monitor for around $200 i think .  Only thing is mine doesnt sleep with the computer and i just turn it on and off as needed.

I now have the Logitec G502 mouse and the  Logitec G413 keypad to complete my system.. think the addition of the mouse and keypad brought the total price up to $2500 year before last.

#795989 DOI 2 server suggestions

Posted by Kooki on 25 January 2018 - 12:12 PM

My idea is with commando also.  I would like to see only 8 ppl server because with that many no one gets points.  I think an increase in bot count but change the factor that makes the bot wait a few miliseconds before shooting to allow the team to kill better, since commando is harder anyway.  Plus we dont want the server to be so hard that ppl cant play it at all, so some concessions need to be made to bring ppl in.  If we keep it at 8 and its always full then maybe we could increase it to say 12 or something like that.   Timmy and Red suggested that we make it a 12 group anyway so we have a 10 member team plus the officer and radio, or i think thats what they said.   Ive had such bad luck with my game play lately, i dont know if i could play on that server anyway, but im just one person. I like winning sometimes and not loosing all the time. Weapons, i think we should keep the original ones offered by the regular server for authenticity.  There are some good looking maps on the workshop that could be intergrated into our server but i think they are still in beta, check them out.  Ill add more as i think of them and try to remember what others have said.

#795942 Seniors at the shooting Range

Posted by Kooki on 25 January 2018 - 08:23 AM


#795802 Official Marriage between Patrick and Nero

Posted by Kooki on 24 January 2018 - 09:34 AM

I'm always glad to see ppl getting hitched.  Good luck to you both.  

Thoughts to remember,  never go to bed at night mad.

love each other and find a good church to attend to raise your kids properly.

and once a king always a king but once a "nights' enough.

#795791 How many of you...

Posted by Kooki on 24 January 2018 - 08:55 AM

Manly stuff..  ive had a beard since seperating from the service.  The longest its ever been is to my belly button .. i mean a full unshaven beard.  My daughter would braid it.  I've found that nothing is really needed to keep the bird nest all groomed except brushing it and keeping it trimmed neatly.  It always helps to leave a little of breakfast, lunch and supper there for later snacks. I think your beard needs to be trimmed to get rid of those "fly away" hairs that just wont stay put.  I think that just letting it grow natural gives the man a chance to take a break from constantly shaving so just let it grow where ever it grows.   Someone told me why would i cultivate something on my face that grows wild on my a_ _.  The answer for that is it really is a pain to shave every day, sometimes two times if sex is included in the evening or date.  (you dont wanna give that woman face burn.burning rubber is better.. those of you who have heard the joke.)

Other manly things:.. well ive always donn my own mechanical work on my vehicles, including rebuilding my reworked motors.  I do all my own plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and yes gardening.   I started a business once called "Honey Do List" .   I usually put out a very nice 50'x70' garden each year,  Its getting harder to do that much though.  

I line fly fishing as a manly thing because hardley no one knows how to do it anymore, properly.

I love shooting black powder and have participated in a recreation of an indian camp with tepees and all.  Everything had to be authentic including clothing and weapons.  Was really fun.

Ive climbed the smokeys,walked over the rockies.  Ive trapped for fir and skinned a deer and ett(ate).  I made gun racks outta the feet and outta the antlers. I tanned his hide and still have it today.

I farmed a 100 acre farm and raised angus beef, grew my own hay , cut it and bailed it.  

Ive killed a rattle snake and skinned that too.

I was the assistant chief of a volunteer fire department and gave fought a fire inside a house, thats scarey and hot.

Ive seen the inside of a cave thats so black that you cant see your hand at the end of your nose.

Have you ever wondered what an aircraft carrier looks like at 45k feet.. its pertty small.

Been to Hawaii and Gwam, Phillipeans,and Okinawa. Gotten sun burned on all those beaches.

The most manly thing ive done is war.

Dunno if these are the kinda things you wanted for manly things or not, hope so, if not ill delete them.. probably its just me going on.  Probably just misunderstood the topic but i believe i covered all the gardning, manly stuff and everything all in one place.

#793951 KorsaKoff Here!

Posted by Kooki on 12 January 2018 - 09:56 AM


#793727 Hey Guys

Posted by Kooki on 10 January 2018 - 09:49 AM

Hello Oliver. welcome to the forums.  It wouldnt hurt for you to check the forums as often as you can and make comments that you think are appropriate.  As i mentioned to you yesterday on steam chat, you need to complete the introduction process and the application process.  You can find your steam id by logging into any steam game and pressing the ~ key. there near the bottom of the console will be something that says steam id...  bla bla. bla... just cut and past on your introduction page where you first introduced yourself.  Secondly, we all vote on you to see if you are a good player and thats how you are selected into our clan.  So, when youre on line play with as many of our members as you can and youll be a member before you know it.  We have servers for both DOI and insurgency. Look for the F|A tag and join as much as you wanna play.  Our discord is a free chat channel that we visit, have fun and comment on the game as it progresses. please join as you will and let us get to know you..

#793496 Can somebody make me an easy signature ?

Posted by Kooki on 08 January 2018 - 10:25 AM

is it permitted to give out a free web site that can make signatures?  I found one called mylivesignatures.  Its free and can be made custom as well as theirs. I tried it but couldnt figgure out how to use it here.