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  1. I received a message earlier this that said venmo was suspending US operations.
  2. Ive been using the 502 for about a year now. like it alot. Couple things. i like the hard plastic mouse pad over the soft one and the 502 allows you to choose which one you like. the button behind the scroll button unlocks the scroll so its no click. The second one behind the scroll allows you to shoose which of 3 prechosen settings you want to use. After you choose one of the 3 settings use your soft ware to set how fast you want your mouse to move. You set those in the program. So say you want really slow movements then a little faster then a little faster you can set those speeds on the software. Then do the same with the other 2 or 3 settings you can choose by using the second button. Now youll have two buttons. on the thumb side near the top and forward. You can click the formost button to make your mouse move to the next already chosen speed and the rearmost button to decrease those speeds. You can see all that by watching the software settings and clicking the buttons, and by how many lights are lit indicating the position chosen. Personally i havent seen the need for 3 sets or more of preset settings, just one works for me. However i find that in doi sniper i can choose a faster mouse speed to more quickly find enemies. For regular sights a slower speed might be used. I know this has confused you more but i would be glad to discord you on it if you want. You can access the software by looking the the blue G button on your desk top or programs loaded menue at the bottom right. From that you can adjust your mouse or your keyboard. GL.
  3. Paypal $100 for 2019 server trans 8Y706099MB076333A
  4. https://www.facebook.com/NowThisNews/videos/501984943612721/
  5. https://www.facebook.com/NowThisNews/videos/501984943612721/
  6. I believe this might be FA's birthday.. so Happy birthday FA
  7. Kooki

    3 word story

    Take it out
  8. Kooki

    AMD software

    AMD software update. I posted similar to this on steam forums and i got a suggestion that i needed to do an uninstall of the drivers and then reinstall a new updated copy. So i contacted AMD and tech support suggested that i put my monitor res at the recommended level (1366x7something) and do a clean uninstall then reinstall to latest drivers. I followed this advice and that has taken care of my problems playing all of nwi games with the updated driver. I asked why i couldnt set my monitor to a higher than recommended setting and was told that it could cause black screens and possible flickering. I never had those issues, just the inability to play all the games with updated drivers. So if anyone is having similar issues then something like this could be interesting to you. Glad to have all working with new drivers.
  9. Not to dash hopes..but ive done things like that before and sometimes it just defaults back to whatever it was before. Good luck
  10. Im wondering if you allowed the anti cheat thing when you first started the game. We've had some ppl who've had problems with that.
  11. Kooki

    AMD software

    For about 3 years now ive had a newer computer with an amd r9 200 graphics card. Its always done the job and then some. However , not long after i started playing insurgency and doi the driver updates stopped working with doi and insurg. After several trys nwi said why would i want to upgrade my software just leave it alone if its working. AMD said oh well some games just dont work with some software. So i was trapped into leaving my software update at 15.12. The latest is over 18.? which just came out this week. Ive always felt that updates in software might help with new games and programs being released and felt that was needed. So, since it had been awhile since i tried this i dloaded/installed the new drivers to see what might happen. Youll not guess what happened. The new updates worked on Sandstorm but still didnt work on DOI and Insurgency. So i guess i can assume that the programs used to write those two programs acutally wont work with my amd software. Seems the new real engine works with more kinds of software. Im disappointed that i cant upgrade and still play doi and insurgency so ill just have to keep the older version or quit playing those games. Since im so disappointed about character reset after release im gonna try to quit playing sandstorm for now. I would ask for any help on this issue but since i have pretty good proof that nwi isnt making an effort to change the ability of my computer to work with these programs it seems fruitless. They just want us to show them the money.

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