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  1. Sup, peeps! Mmmm. It's been a while! I haven't been online here in something like a year, or more. With COVID and everything the way it is, i don't have a lot in the way of things to do that are especially meaningful at the moment. But, for those of you that do know me, i've got some pretty stellar news. Got me a proper publisher for the book I'm working on, a house and other miscellaneous nice shit. Not bad for a guy who was on disability last year. Anyway, just miss the old times with Timmy, SiS, Red, Neuro, D..X, Azkal, Mr. GoongalaJones and all the other rabble rousers I played with whose
  2. Hey buddy. Nice orange name :D ;)

  3. Hello PPLLLLLL


    Hope everyone is doing alright.

    1. Xernicus


      Long time see~! Welcome back! Hope you, family and friends are doing well throughout these uncertain times. :)

    2. Verillaxus


      Nice to see you here too. Yes. Everyone is doing fine, thankfully. :D

  4. I love that this is still going. Hellraiser - Ozzy Osbourne
  5. Hi everyone, back from a lengthy hiatus. Where's everybody at? Throw me a like to let me know you're still kickin'.

    1. Kai


      We are still kicking verillaxus!! 

    2. Xernicus


      Good to see ya! Hope you've been well~

    3. Verillaxus


      Thanks Xernicus, I appreciate it. I'm doing well!

  6. Lol. You made them, then, I take it?
  7. Oooh. Nice posters dood.
  8. Hey buddy, nice purple name ;)

    1. GoongalaJones


      Cheerio, bud! Awesome seeing you on the forums, again! 

  9. Verillaxus


    Hey all. I know it's been awhile. Sorry if any of you were worried about me. I guess I needed some time to figure some things out, and what exactly I needed in my life. This year has been pretty rough. Everything decided to go almost as horrible as possible, and I lost sight of the progress I've made in light of that, and needed to think. Also, I'm avoiding modern war-games at the moment because they are a little to close to home while I'm working with veteran's affairs here in Canada to get treatment. I really dislike Facebook now, and a lot of my socializing was here. I guess i ended up beco
  10. At the risk of turning the funny screenshot page into a supportive environment, great job RedAngel! look at those kills Knew you could do it!
  11. I've had my eyes on tesla stocks for a few months. I am really into stocks and trading but alas, i have no money for such things ATM. Google stock, gold stock, Tesla, Oil, Canadian dollar are some of the things i am interested in, and track regularly. I have few friends interested in such things, so a club would be rad Also, FYI, Gold has climbed by a massive margin since 2000. It was approximately 340 per ounce at that time and the last time i checked it's quadrupled that value at 1200 dollars an ounce here in Canada.
  12. Hey fam. Thumb has healed up nicely. Will be back on more regularly within the next few days :D

    1. Hulk


      Sweet! That is great news!👍

    2. D..X
    3. Neuro
  13. Hi all. Thumb is healing quite slow, not sure how long i'll be away, exactly. The Dr said 1 month for nerve damage healing, sadly. i'm hoping for a week or two but we'll see. i miss you guys! Murder as many nazis as you can in my name, and that way I can at least imagine DOI :)

    1. Cit0


      Heal up good my friend!   You will be missed 

    2. AzkaL101


      feel better, V!

  14. This is an album dedicated to the many fallout 4/Skyrim characters I have made over the last couple years. I have been creating lady characters using available video game interfaces for about 10 years. Let me know what you think! Critique is welcome
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