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  1. We are releasing a hotfix today that addresses several issues with last week’s 1.4.2 patch. Some changes not intended for patch 1.4.2 were accidentally included. This hotfix tweaks things to be closer to our intentions. They are still however a work in progress. More changes are to come as needed, including an improvement to sway that will replace the current Perlin noise weapon sway pattern with a fixed and more predictable Lissajous curve pattern. For more information on this and our other plans, see our third State of Production post here. The hotfix changelist can be found below: GameplayToned back some of the movement acceleration and deceleration changes from the 1.4.2 patch.Increased default movement acceleration speed. Increased sprint acceleration speed. Increased friction and deceleration. Fixed issue where low stamina had no effect on weapon sway. Low stamina used to increase both weapon sway magnitude and speed before 1.4.2, but now has been tweaked so it only increases weapon sway speed. Low stamina sway speed is less than before, 150% instead of 200%. VisualRemoved camera shake from pistol and rifle sprint animations. Improved knife sprinting animation to better time with footstep audio.View the full article
  2. A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  3. Greetings! It’s been a busy month here at New World Interactive. We’ve continued to immigrate more members of our design and programming teams in to Canada. Our efforts at ramping up have continued full speed, and our team is starting to take on some scalable structure as we quickly move towards 2020. In response to community feedback, we made some significant adjustments to our internal roadmap, as well as a decision pertaining to publicly posting our roadmap. Additionally, I’m going to be clarifying our stance on competitive, as it seems like our video announcement was misunderstood. Let’s dive right in to this next State of Production. Key Points of State of Production #3Delaying our 2019 Roadmap goals and removing them from the Steam Store Page as we have refocused development on optimization and console release. Improving playlist system by removing player population count from playlist, allowing multiple playlists to be selected, manual team switching, auto team balance, and a “pre-match” Team Deathmatch mode where players waiting to queue into Versus or Competitive matches can play TDM against other players also in queues while they wait. Continuing competitive community outreach as stated in our last video in publicly joinable VoIP meetings in our official Discord. New Art Producer and Associate Producer have been hired; offer has been extended to a prospective Head of Marketing to follow. Analyzing lower performing maps Refinery, Outskirts, Summit, and Precinct as part of our initial optimization pass. Creating for modders an alpha build of our level editor, mod.io integration, and the ability to auto-download custom maps upon connecting to a server so mod.io isn’t required.Removal of the Roadmap from Our Store PageI’m anticipating some anxiety/concerns over our decision to remove our roadmap from the store page, so I want to try and get ahead of that. “Why is New World Interactive removing the roadmap?” It’s a fairly simple answer: our plans have changed. Given the immense amount of feedback we’ve received about the needs to optimize, the development impacts associated with clearing TRC/co-dev of the console version of the game, and our efforts towards providing mod support for our players, we have had to make some adjustments in order to ensure we can achieve all of the things that the community is looking for. Given how much content we provided throughout 2019 already for free, including 3 new maps, 10 new weapons, 3 new game modes, limited time “mutated” game modes, and dozens of new cosmetics, we felt it made the most sense to focus on getting our pre-existing content into a better state as opposed to focusing on the introduction of even more content. Let me address the major concerns that are likely to bubble up: We’ve delayed night maps and associated equipment until next year. Given what a large undertaking this is (Multiple types of night vision goggles, night vision scopes, IR lasers, night maps themselves, lighting, AI overhauls, etc.) we decided it would be better to give these features more time in the oven than to release them preemptively. We’ll still be releasing one of the night maps for our Halloween event, so you’ll get a teaser of where we’re headed there! While not in our Roadmap, we have heard feedback and begun working on an AI overhaul which unfortunately must be delayed until next year as well. In order to best-service our cooperative modes, as well as our night maps, we’re working on reducing inconsistencies within our AI’s behavior trees. However, this is a time consuming process, and given how loaded our sprints are between now and the end of the year, we didn’t feel there was time to complete this task in its entirety at the level we desired.As we get closer to completing TRC, which is one of our biggest challenges (as we’ve never done a console release before as a studio) we’re hoping we’ll be able to put up a better, more accurate roadmap for 2020. At this time, however, things are shifting around on a per-need basis of our console co-dev partner and community feedback. Regarding the future of the Playlist systemWe understand that a lot of people responded negatively to our introduction of the playlist system in 1.4. It’s important to note that the main design motivations for introducing the system were to (a) keep players contained in a single continuous game experience of their preference without being arbitrarily matched across multiple dissimilar game modes. The idea was that players would stick together in a server with map voting in between matches, and that servers would not need to be generated, taken down, and repopulated over and over (b) create a more intuitive and visually appealing way for new players to learn about and select which game modes to play (c) to allow for the use of limited time playlists leveraging the new mutator system and, in the future, community made mods. We acknowledge there have been unintended consequences of the addition of this system. It’s important to us that we achieve the design intentions above, but also address the shortfalls of the system since its debut. We know that the quick-fixes we’ve done since the system was released have not been ideal, so instead of applying band-aid solutions to get better player distribution results, we are now in the process of developing a ‘take two’ on the system which we will unveil when ready. Some of the changes we are working on include the following:No longer seeing the amount of players playing each playlist, but instead letting people know an approximate queue time once they’ve started queueing so that if it’s longer than average players have the option to back out. The ability to select multiple playlists to potentially queue into rather than only one. While this may not prove to be immediately handy with our currently available playlists as they are so different in experience, we may consider making further adjustments to which playlists are available in such a way that multiple playlist queueing would be appreciated. Solutions for team balance issues, including the ability to change teams manually and an auto team balance feature that triggers if players don’t address team balance on their own. This should help with matches where teams are stuck at being uneven, causing people to leave prematurely and harming playlist population. As well as just being a generally frustrating player experience. Allowing players to play in a pre-match Team Deathmatch round while they wait in the queue for a Versus or Competitive playlist match to be formed.We anticipate that these changes should result in a better distribution of players throughout the different playlists, so there will likely be some adjustments to the available playlists themselves to accompany this change in response to the aversion we’re seeing towards game modes being grouped together. We appreciate your feedback and we hope that these changes clearly demonstrate we are acting on your input. Please keep in mind that these changes and this iterative process takes time. If you have any more input for us, or if you appreciate these changes, by all means please share your feedback and we will continue to work to improve the playlist system. Regarding Our Competitive AnnouncementI’d like to start off by saying that this announcement was my idea. Feel free to direct all hate at me accordingly if you felt neglected, slighted, or trampled as a result. The purpose of this announcement, however, was not to say that “We are going all in on the competitive scene.”; it was to express our interest in establishing a dialogue with players and communities to get a better understanding of what it would take to develop and grow a competitive environment within our community. At this stage we can’t make any full commitments to improve the competitive experience. We want to be very honest and open about that. However, we do recognize that there are things we might be able to do within our resources and current production plan to improve the health of competitive gameplay. This may include fixes, minor new features, assisting the comp community in running tournaments or events, etc. As for “Why create a video announcement?” for the formatting, it was a goal of mine to develop a digital messaging presence within the studio. We thought it would be a neat idea to compare the traction and stickiness of the medium from which we messaged, with the hypothesis that our players would respond better to a video dialogue than written blog formats. Moving forward, I’d like to use even more digital messaging in the future; this was merely our first attempt at doing so to get a better idea of what we can do well, where we need to shore up our skills, and to assess our production capabilities when it comes to creating video content in the future. We recognize it wasn’t perfect, and we’re going to experiment with presentation styles a lot in 2020. I’d also like to speak to the community, especially those who seem to have taken our initiative most personally. Many comments along the lines of: “Competitive is dead” “NWI let competitive die” “This is a slap in the face to those of us who have been advocating for competitive since the game released” “We’ve already told you what the game needs before”We definitely understand why you feel this way. We acknowledge our team has room to improve in regards to how we interface with and support a competitive ecosystem. The primary reason for this absence of proper attention to competitive is because post-release we prioritized other content that satisfied the broader playerbase. That includes optimization, weapons, levels, polish, general improvements, etc. There was a lot we wanted to do to fix up and flesh out the game. However, these changes take time, and we are currently in the process of determining both what those changes are and if we have the resources to do them. Some of our efforts at establishing a feedback loop, while small in nature, include: Improving our community feedback loop via centralized documentation Establishing an active conversation and a dialogue with players who have an interest in helping us to improve our competitive scene and overall gameplay moving forward The establishment of a dedicated support manager, who is building us a service desk entirely from scratch via Freshdesk as opposed to HappyFox Chatting with the leaders of various community leagues and organizations to identify opportunities for collaboration and intra-league events in the futureThese are not excuses; this is the way we are moving forward. We are HAPPY to have a dialogue with players who want to help us continue to develop and grow this game. We had over 200 people show up to our first day of open dialogue, which was exciting and rewarding for all of us here at New World Interactive. We recently conducted 4 separate sessions for competitive feedback (2 for the North America region, and 2 for the EU region) which we’ll be analyzing and processing over the next few weeks. We’re hoping to conduct more of these focused discussion sessions in the future, but for the time being, we have hundreds of feedback items to measure and parse. What was the studio up to for the last month?Continuing the format from the prior SoP, I’m going to break it down by a few key talking points. PersonnelThe last month represented a very big and exciting milestone for me personally. We carried out dozens of interviews, and we were able to find some exceptional candidates for a few of our most-needed positions. The Production team is now nearly fully fleshed out. The Production team is responsible for scheduling, scoping, managing and cutting features, and identifying quality concerns for deliverables that make it into the live game; with the expansion of this team, we’ll have significantly more eyes focused on all aspects of development. Once on-boarded, we should be able to hit projected milestones with greater consistency and quality, in turn establishing a newfound trust in what we promise and what we are able to deliver. We now have a dedicated Art Producer, as well as a new general Associate Producer starting with us on November 1st. This should help our efforts at optimizing the game, as well as ensuring we are more organized and on-top of our day-to-day on a company-wide basis. We’ve hired a new additional programmer, who specializes in gameplay programming and the creation of tools for our programming team. We’re closing in on our Head of Marketing, and expect to announce their hire within the next month. Art Audit + OptimizationOur Art Director has now commenced an audit on 4 levels within our game. These 4 maps are Refinery, Outskirts, Summit, and Precinct. These maps were selected because they were our worst-offenders from the standpoint of performance, memory usage and navigation (e.g. collision bugs). This audit will be focused on flow, performance, and usability. Given the size of our team, as well as the size of the tasks that lie before us, we’re approaching it from the angle that we’ll tackle it in increments as opposed to all at once. These levels will be targeted by both the art team (asset review, LOD texture distancing, pop-ins, level-tailoring, lighting optimization) as well as our internal QA team (collision passes, “soft spot” passes, windows/ledges passes, restricted area review, etc) to focus on both quality of life changes as well as usability testing. This audit will be carried out between now and December, 2019. Porting ProgressWe’ve continued supporting our co-dev partner, Black Tower, with the console version of Insurgency: Sandstorm. Our biggest challenge thus far has been reducing memory consumption, as many of our maps are still running at 6GB of memory; this is presently higher than the standard edition console can handle. We’re experimenting with numerous solutions and approaches, and as meaningful milestones develop, we’ll continue to share them via the State of Production updates. These solutions for console optimization will directly correlate with performance gains on the PC version of the games as well. Mod SupportIn an effort to branch out beyond a singular platform, we’ve adopted a platform-agnostic toolset for modding, and have been working towards rolling out our mod capabilities. Since our publisher is still in the process of finalizing an agreement with the solution provider, we are unable to announce at this time which toolset we’ve decided to go with. Expect an announcement about this very soon! There are 3 main focuses for our first rendition: Integration of our platform-agnostic solution for mod uploading and distribution An alpha version of the level editor to create and share custom maps The ability to connect to a server and automatically download any custom map it is running so you don’t always need to obtain the map manually.It’s important to note, this is not the full extent of the modding capabilities we have planned, but rather a starting point to build off of. We’re hoping to have this released in an early-access capacity by December of this year, with additional contributions throughout the year to refine support for these features. Upcoming Hotfix for Live BuildWith our last patch, 1.4.2, a few issues slipped past us which we are working on addressing. In particular, there were a few changes we were testing internally which were not meant to be introduced yet in the form they were released. This includes somewhat intense camera animations when sprinting (which can be removed via settings for those interested in a temporary workaround), work in progress increases to player inertia affecting the feeling of movement, and changes to stamina which have it no longer affect recoil or sway. These changes were not meant to be released, and we sincerely apologize for this slip. Admittedly, things are a bit chaotic right now for us with our new location, onboarding of new team members and our console co-development. This is not reflective of the standards we hold ourselves to, and we will do everything we can to ensure this type of thing doesn’t happen again. We are presently working on a hotfix which we hope to roll out as soon as possible. It will contain the removal of these sprinting camera animations as well as ‘tuning’ of the player inertia and stamina-based sway changes closer to what we intend. These changes are a work in progress, and we are planning to make further tweaks to these mechanics as needed. One thing we are exploring in internal testing right now which we feel some players might appreciate is introducing a new Lissajous curve pattern for weapon sway. This pattern is fixed and more predictable than the current Perlin noise weapon sway pattern, and we’re hoping it addresses feedback we’ve received that sway feels too random and arbitrary.View the full article
  4. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  5. We’re releasing a patch today that includes new limited time Halloween content, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and more. As stated in our last patch earlier this month, we are still planning to make improvements to the playlist system. Stay tuned here for more, as we will be releasing our third State of Production post soon. New Halloween ContentLimited time Co-op playlist: Task Force 666, Oct. 24th - Nov. 4th We found an old VHS tape of some Australian indie horror film called “Task Force 666” in the basement of our new Calgary office. We watched it. Turns out it was cursed. Our team started getting sick and delirious. Lots of blood. Everyone came to and suddenly we had a new Co-op playlist scheduled to go live today. It’s Hardcore Checkpoint against Frenzy enemies at night. Available on night time version of Farmhouse map with only weapon flashlights to guide you. Supply points are increased from 20 to 30. Players respawn with Mk 18 CQBR. Both you and Frenzied enemies steal health when you deal damage equal to the amount of damage you dealt, with a maximum of 300. We are unsure at this point if the playlist is also cursed. Limited time Versus playlist: Vampire Team Deathmatch, Oct. 24th - Nov. 4th Kill the enemy more than they kill you with whatever weapons you like. Steal health when you deal damage equal to the amount of damage you dealt, with a maximum of 300. Available on all maps during the day. User ExperienceDuring an official match, when the map changes, players will be rearranged and assigned to teams based on individual performance. This is to encourage more enjoyable matches where teams feel more evenly matched. The system will not split up players together in a party, and instead will treat them as a unit.Critical FixesFixed a frequent and persistent crash caused by skeletal mesh merging, which is a system that optimizes character cosmetic rendering.GameplayIncreased the recoil for the FAL. Decreased recoil for machine guns when firing while aiming down sights. Decreased recoil for the Galil. Decreased recoil for the Galil SAR. Reduced the supply cost by 1 supply for the following weapons:M16A2 M16A4 G36KAdded the Greased Bolt weapon upgrade for the Insurgent Commander class in Co-op. Added the Tracer Ammo weapon upgrade for the Alpha AK in Versus and Co-op. Increased speed of weapon switch animations to and from underbarrel grenade launchers by 20% Added new drum magazine speed reload animations for the Galil and Galil SAR. Added the M82A1 CQ to Insurgent Marksman class in Co-op. All underbarrel grenade launchers now utilize the correct “muzzle strike” animation when performing a melee attack.Visual ImprovementsUpdated the pistol sprint animations for first and third person to keep the pistol pointed forward. Updated the pistol sprint melee animations. They no longer use an open hand, and now start and end in the new sprint position. Updated the first person M203 underbarrel grenade launcher models to be barrel mounted instead of rail mounted. Updated the M16A2 third person model with a new barrel mesh. Updated all AK variants with new third person grenade launcher component animations. Updated the generic first person walk cycle animation to match the speed of Hardcore default run speed. Created a new first person ready animation for the VHS-2 when equipped with a grenade launcher. VHS-2 smoke rounds for the grenade launcher are now blue and white to match the ones used by other weapons.Bug FixesFixed an issue where the laser sight weapon upgrade was not replicating correctly for other players. Fixed an issue where the player’s leg would not be visible during the door kicking animation. Fixed an issue where the Mk 18 CQBR would receive too many magazines. Fixed an issue where the RPG-7 when dry fired would animate the weapon’s sight instead of the trigger. Fixed an issue where reloading the M24 or Mosin when prone or crouched would result in the arm not animating correctly. Fixed a bug with the shell moving slightly during the start of the first person VHS-2 grenade launcher reload animation. Fixed an issue where if you rebind the lesson pop up key to anything other than the “L” key, it would not show this updated binding in the UI when the player was prompted to press it. Fixed an issue where the VHS-2 and QBZ-03 weapon icons would not always reliably show in the stats and end of round screens. Fixed an issue where the QBZ-03 would not transition correctly when swapping mid reload between drum and standard magazines, or standard and drum magazines. Fixed an issue with the third person M16A2 where the barrel mesh would be attached to the magazine. Fixed an issue where players would not see the correct movement animations if joining a Hardcore Co-op match late or playing on a server running the Slow Movement mutator. Fixed an issue where the first person AKM magazine would flicker during a speed reload. Y’know because it was so fast. Fixed an issue where the player would see the rocket disappear then reappear, without reloading it, on the RPG-7. Fixed an issue where the incorrect animation pose would play when discarding the AT4 in first person. Fixed an issue where the incorrect animation would play if viewing an Insurgent character rigging a weapon cache objective in third person. Fixed an issue where the characters arm would become displaced during the third person mine preparation animation. Fixed an issue where the Flamer enemy in Co-op Frenzy would not always be on fire for some players in the server. Fixed an issue where the 4x PSO-1 scope could potentially clip with the camera when the weapon it was attached to was fired in full auto. Fixed an issue where the G3A3 bipod was not animating correctly. Fixed an issue where the L85A2, VHS-2, and QBZ-03 could not scavenge mags from the Mk 18 CQBR. Fixed an issue where the drum magazine would not show correctly when resuming a staged reload with the VHS-2. Map FixesHillsideFixed a collision issue on a snowbank which would allow players to hide inside of it.Fixed an exploitable sight-line to the weapon cache objective on Push Insurgents. Added a set of wooden fences to a balcony on Skirmish to prevent the weapon cache objective from being destroyed from a distance. These fences are built to be extra sturdy and can take multiple rocket rounds without buckling in the slightest. MinistryFixed an issue where players were able to exit the playable area.CrossingFixed an issue where the lighting in the Loadout room was over exposed. Fixed an issue where certain ground textures were flickering. Fixed an issue where a rock could be seen through, allowing players to defend objective A on Push Security. Fixed an issue where ground textures were clipping with one another near the E objective on Checkpoint Security. Fixed an issue where players would be required to jump to get over numerous ground obstacles instead of being able to walk across them. Fixed an issue where players were able to access an unintended room on Skirmish.HideoutFixed an issue with a specific door that would become stuck when destroying the hinges in Push Security objective A’s building. Fixed a clipping issue with a particular wall hole that players could become stuck in at Security spawn on Firefight East.View the full article
  6. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  7. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  8. Hello everyone! We are looking to expand our current volunteer moderator team! Our team is looking to add 3-5 active moderators to manage our Steam and Discord platforms. If you are interested in helping out, we'd love to hear from you! Down below is a form that you can fill out. Applications are now open from today (October 18th) till November 1st. After that, we will not be accepting any further applications. Insurgency Sandstorm Community Moderator Application [docs.google.com] Brief Details About This Position Insurgency Sandstorm Moderators are a major pillar of the community. Mods maintain peace within chatrooms, forums, and elsewhere. They are able to tune out emotions and logically analyse a situation. One key elements of a moderator involves actively checking in with the team, regularly interacting with the community, and monitoring flagged UGC items (User-Generated-Content). Moderators lead by example; they behave professionally on duty and off duty. If you have any additonal questions about the application, please contact Captain Price#7229 on Discord. Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you! - Insurgency Sandstorm Moderator Team View the full article
  9. Given feedback to update 1.4, we’ve decided to make some further changes to the playlist system. We’ve been listening closely to the community’s thoughts and opinions, and we are actively working to iterate on the system in a way that is healthy for the community and its playerbase. Please continue to share with us your feedback, and know that we will be making further changes as necessary as we did with this patch and the hotfixes before it. It is important for us to understand our playerbase better and learn what experiences our players want the most. Do note that these experimental changes are not set in stone, and we will be closely listening to the community’s feedback. As mentioned earlier, we do welcome constructive feedback to these changes. We just made a new Suggestions/Feedback forum on Steam, and encourage the community to post feedback there. Please read the pinned post to ensure the best results to your feedback and suggestions. In the interest of remaining open and transparent, here are our motivations behind each change: The Skirmish playlist found under Versus has been removed To remain committed to the overall health of our game, we have decided to remove Skirmish from official matchmaking to help better populate matchmaking, decrease queue times, and addresses the issue of splitting the playerbase. This mode isn’t getting as much attention as we had hoped it would as its own playlist, and has been historically less popular than our other Versus modes both in Insurgency 2014 and in Sandstorm. As we evaluate different systems and modes, we’re focusing on ones that we have the time, bandwidth, and resources to support fully, and Skirmish is not on that agenda right now. The low player count and overall experience of this mode is not representative of the experience we want for players, especially new ones. We want players to get into games playing on fun game modes quickly. It is important to note that Skirmish will not be entirely removed from the game. It will still be available in community servers for anyone to host. Push and Frontline modes have been merged into a shared playlist: Ground Battle In addition to removing Skirmish to better support the player queues and overall health of the game, we have also decided to merge Push and Frontline. These two modes are the most popular and similar in flow, so we feel it makes sense to combine them and let players vote in between matches what they want to play next. While Push is the most popular mode, we are hoping that by adding Frontline to this queue, it will give the mode more exposure so we can better evaluate the degree to which the community enjoys it. Casual and Competitive Firefight have been given a fixed 2x XP boost To evaluate the health of the Firefight mode, both in Competitive and Casual, we will be adding a perpetual double XP boost. We are hoping this motivates players to play Firefight and helps us better evaluate the interest in the Competitive scene as a whole. We will continue to explore data, and make decisions based on these changes and what we’re discovering there going forward. Additionally, we have added a Steam group specifically for Competitive Player Feedback. We hope to start a dialogue next week with Competitive players to give updates on what our plans are in supporting and facilitating Competitive going forward, and to invite constructive feedback from the community on how to improve the Competitive scene. Versus Firefight player count has been increased from 8 v 8 to 12 v 12 To improve the overall experience of Versus Firefight, we’ve increased the amount of players. This is seen to be better gameplay and makes it more distinct from Competitive Firefight, which was 5 v 5. Our 8 v 8 change did help address player population issues, but given the other changes in this patch we are hoping that 12 v 12 can still provide a healthy playlist population. The frequency of Limited Time Playlists will be reduced As we have been exploring Limited Time Playlists, we have made the decision to reduce their weekly releases to a more gradual cadence in an effort to limit the amount of playlists featured at any one time. We hope that by reducing the frequency at which we introduce new modes, it will make them feel more exclusive and special as well as prevent unnecessary splitting of the playerbase. We still have plenty of new playlists to come, but we feel we need to be more conservative with how many and how often we show them. We will continue to monitor and evaluate the impact of all these decisions. Thank you for bearing with us through these iterations of the playlist system. We hope that this patch and the hotfixes before it demonstrate our commitment to improving Sandstorm’s first time player experience and adding new game mode content in a way that does not split the playerbase. We cannot thank you, the community, enough for your continued support and positive feedback and suggestions. It is as it has always been since the Insurgency mod: critical to our development and direction we take the game. We will continue to monitor our social channels, forums, Reddit, etc and listen to the community. In addition to these changes above, our team will continue to work on bug fixes, new content, optimization, and other improvements based on community feedback. In this latest patch, we address a collision issue that caused grenades, players, or other large projectiles to properly pass through broken windows, added new first person Melee, Sprint, and Run animations for Mines, and more. See the full changelist below: Critical FixesFixed a collision issue where it was not possible for players, grenades, or other large projectiles to correctly pass through broken windows. Fixed an issue where occasionally, on lower end systems, it was possible for the Tutorial Level to become blocked during the Scavenge waypoint and associated Lesson pop up, making it impossible to complete the level. Bug FixesFixed an issue where, when Steam Cloud was enabled, Loadouts were not being correctly saved after creating them in the Customize menu. Fixed an issue where Foregrip Bipods or Foregrips were not positioned correctly on certain weapons in first person. Fixed an issue where the M16A2, M16A4, M4A1, MK18, QBZ-O3, and the VHS were not compatible with other 5.56 weapon magazines when scavenging. Fixed an issue where RPG-7s dropped on the ground would show the rocket warhead beside the weapon. Fixed an issue where the left hand would not correctly move to the Bipod or Bipod Foregrip if you deployed it while sprinting in spinting in Hardcore Checkpoint or with the Slow Movement mutator applied. Fixed an issue where when choosing the Light Carrier and any armor in combination with a female character would cause one of the pouches to slide around the body in third person. Fixed an issue with audio event timings for the first person VHS-2 speed reloads. Fixed an issue where the first person Insurgent leather gloves would clip into the hand. Fixed an issue where the Uzi base reloads were not resetting the arm position properly at the end of the animation. Fixed some extreme camera rotations during the Uzi empty reload sequence. Fixed an issue where rounds were visible in the magazine still during the Uzi empty reload sequence. Fixed an issue where the Headband cosmetic would clip with certain male hairstyle cosmetics. Fixed a clipping issue with the Watch Cap and Neck Gaiter High cosmetic options. Fixed an issue where the Neck Gaiter cosmetic would clip with the Beanie cosmetic. Fixed an issue where both the top rail and side-rail mounts were available for the 2x PK-AS with AKS-74U combination. It now only utilizes the side-rail as designed.User Experience & Gameplay The Community servers in the Play menu will now sort by most populated servers by default. Increased the draw speed of mines by 20%.Visual ImprovementsCreated new first person Melee, Sprint and Run animations for mines. Mines now have the correct third person jumping animation in third person. MapsHillside Fixed an issue allowing players to gain access to a closed off building by vaulting through a window near Push Security D. Fixed an issue where it was possible to spawn kill the Security team as they left their spawn area on Skirmish. Fixed an issue where it was possible for Insurgent team players to exit the map in a certain location.SummitFixed an issue where it was possible to spawn kill the Insurgent team as they left their spawn area on Skirmish. Be sure to follow us to stay connected! Reddit Discord[discordapp.com] Insurgency Twitter + New World Twitter Instagram[www.instagram.com] Steam Community Forum Official Forums[forums.focus-home.com]View the full article
  10. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  11. Hey everyone, my name is Michael Tsarouhas. I am the lead game designer on Insurgency: Sandstorm. Today we’re gonna talk about update 1.4's new tug-of-war inspired PvP game mode Frontline that was added to the game a couple weeks ago. We’ll cover what it is, how it plays, the challenges we encountered in its implementation, and its history in our previous games. Frontline is available now on the live version of the Sandstorm and can be found under the PvP “Versus” section of the Play menu. Though we’ve only just added the mode to Sandstorm, Frontline has actually been around for a while. It first started as a game mode called “Battle” way back in the Half-Life 2 mod version of Insurgency, which was called Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. It played pretty similar to as it does today, like a two way Push mode, where both teams progress linearly through the map one objective at a time trying to push each other back. There was, however, no weapon cache as there is today in Frontline. The mode had a special flavor to it. It was unpredictable, hectic, and high in intensity, but still had that tactical hardcore Insurgency feel to it. https://youtu.be/WDbrv1shNgQ Our WWII shooter Day of Infamy in 2017 saw Battle’s official return, but this time with its new and current name “Frontline”. This version introduced a radio objective that needed to be destroyed as the final defense objective for either team if they were pushed back to the edge of the map. Our aim with Day of Infamy was to create a more “war-like” experience as opposed to the security operation feel of Insurgency, so Frontline was a perfect fit. It was a great big world war after all, and we were excited at the idea of seeing the fire support drop as teams shoved each other back and forth on a map like Bastogne or Foy. https://youtu.be/wTp5mUjE21c?t=318 Frontline, like Push, saw a lot of popularity. Players took well to the higher speed action, the shifting of tide of combat, the objective trading, and the overall atmosphere. We decided the mode might have a place in Insurgency: Sandstorm, and set it up for internal testing as early as the pre-alpha version. As we went along in Sandstorm’s development however, we determined that we needed to cut down on game modes and focus on the ones we had. Push, Firefight, and Skirmish were felt to be the stronger most popular Insurgency experiences, and if Frontline were ever to be added to the game, it would require more work than we had time for. But what is Frontline exactly, and how does it play? The quickest way to explain it is that it’s two way Push. In a Frontline match, there are either 5 or 7 objectives depending on the map. Objectives are laid out in a long linear fashion, as opposed to in Firefight or Skirmish modes where they are contained in certain areas of the map. Every objective in Frontline is captured in order and one at a time, much like Push or Checkpoint. At the start of a round, the middle objective is neutral, and the rest of the objectives are split half and half between the two teams, represented below as red and blue. When a round begins, only the neutral middle objective is active, and so both teams must scramble to capture it. This is the most dense part of a round, with up to 28 players piling into a single building, hill, or whatever other landmark it’s been decided they must vye over. When a team finally captures it, it becomes theirs that they must defend while simultaneously attacking and capturing their enemy’s next adjacent objective. In Frontline, after the neutral middle objective is captured, there are always two active objectives: one to attack and one to defend. In the image here, you can see that the blue team has captured objective C, and now must capture objective D while also defending C from the red team’s attacks. If red takes C, then blue is forced to fall back and defend B. Both teams are in a constant struggle to move this frontline forward and not get pushed back themselves. It’s expected that a round will involve trading objectives back and forth across the map. Regularly spawning reinforcement waves keep the action flowing, and a wave is added to the wave count every time a team captures an objective. Each team’s final objective, the blue and red diamonds at each end of the line, is a weapon cache that the other team must destroy to win. If a team gets pushed back to their weapon cache, they’ll lose all their remaining reinforcement waves and be forced into a last stand, just like in Push mode. This last stand has two key differences however. First, in Frontline, vehicles will spawn in, giving a better chance for a comeback and a successful weapon cache defense. Second, unlike in Push, a team can gain ground back by capturing their enemy’s objective, saving their weapon cache and pushing back toward the enemy’s. This is, of course, a tough scenario to come back from, but it’s possible, especially in the later stages of a round when waves on both teams are mostly depleted. An alternate win condition is to simply kill off the enemy and their reinforcement waves. When all of the enemy are dead, regardless of where the line is, your team will win. In our early stages of testing Frontline for update 1.4, this secondary win condition actually presented a problem. Our vision for Frontline was to have back and forth and objective swapping that took place all across the map. In practice however, it was just a brawl at the center. Both teams would slug it out over the neutral middle objective, and whoever won that objective typically won the match without even capturing anything else. This is because of a few reasons: Capturing an objective originally gave you too many reinforcement waves. Once a team had a lead in waves, they could dig in and bleed their enemy of all their waves. Reinforcement wave respawns would be triggered quickly. This meant there would always be people occupying an objective preventing its capture. Capturing objectives took too long. Enemy players would make it to the objective too quickly even after you had cleared the objective and thought you secured the area. To address this, we reduced the amount of waves gained from a capture, first to 2 waves and then to just 1. We also made reinforcement waves wait a little longer for more players on your team to be dead until a respawn was triggered, and upped the amount of reinforcement waves a team had at the start so rounds wouldn’t end so quickly. Finally, we made objectives able to be captured faster, so people could more easily move the line. These changes made it less important who captured the middle objective and more important who was actually playing all the objectives and pushing the line forward throughout the whole round. Simple as those changes may sound, it took a lot of playtesting, iteration, and feedback to identify and address those problems. The Community Test Environment was a huge help in realizing what changes needed to be made to Frontline, and we thank all of you who took part in that testing for sharing your feedback. Even with that though, as with any of our modes, we are always open to feedback on how to improve. If you’re liking Frontline, then please, let us know on the forums or on Reddit. If you aren’t, then let us know it can be improved. Thanks for reading everyone and take care! View the full article
  12. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  13. We are releasing a hotfix today that improves the playlist system, improves movement animations, fixes improper AI loadouts in Co-op, potentially fixes the Hillside Firefight West crash issue, and makes other changes. We are aware of the current player population issues with Versus playlists Firefight and Skirmish. We are currently working to address this and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on the Steam forums, official forums[forums.focus-home.com], and Reddit. See the full changelist below: Critical FixesFixed a rare case where a player could potentially spawn under the map if they initially idled after joining a Frontline or Push match and spawns were disabled between them joining and accepting their loadout. Added potential fix for an edge case where players and AI enemies could fall through the map after dying and respawning. Fixed an issue where suicide bomber AI enemies were not spawning during counter attacks. Fixed issue where AI enemies were being equipped with RPGs more than intended.User ExperienceIn response to community feedback and to address player population issues, we are making the following changes to the playlist system. Please be aware we are still strategizing and considering other changes. We welcome your feedback.Normal and Hardcore playlists under Co-op will always start on a Checkpoint Security scenario. Checkpoint Insurgent scenarios are still available in both of these playlists, but they will only be played if the players within an ongoing match choose to vote to switch to one. This change was made because our community demonstrated a preference for the Security Co-op experience over the Insurgent one. The Firefight playlist is now set to 8 vs 8 players instead of 14 vs 14. This lower player count target is intended to make it easier to start new matches, improve the mode’s gameplay, and bring a better parity with the 5 vs 5 Competitive Firefight experience. Firefight, Skirmish and Competitive Firefight playlists will receive a triple XP bonus for the next 7 days. This is a temporary measure intended to entice players to try out these less populated modes and kickstart their populations. As said above, other changes are being considered, but this is our first step. We will be watching the numbers and listening to your feedback going forward. Added new descriptions and images for Firefight, Push, and Skirmish in the playlist menu for better clarity on their experiences.Reworked the “Steam Authentication Failed” message to properly communicate the reason why the kick occurred. Players who join a match but never select a class will now be kicked for being idle.Bug FixesFixed an issue where the first person animation would not play when planting a bomb on a weapon cache. Fixed an issue where if you didn’t move after switching your weapon, the weapon audio component would not update its position correctly, which resulted in hearing the distant version of the weapon in first person and missing weapon foley audio. Fixed an issue where the dry fire animation and audio would not play on bolt-action or pump-action weapon. Fixed a bug that would cause the explosive "pull pin" event to re-play when changing stances with all grenades. Fixed an issue where the equipment physics would abruptly begin simulating upon first being shown in the Loadout menu, Customize menu, in-game, or after moving the character between spawn points. Fixed a bug where selecting an empty preset in the Loadout menu would not immediately hide the weapon preview at the center. Fixed an issue where the Shell Camo in first person would not match the third person version. Fixed an issue where the player’s weapon could show up attached to their feet when using the DShK. Fixed an issue where the M99 could be fired before it had fully completed its shouldering animation. Fixed an issue where chest gear would occasionally clip into other clothing cosmetics and/or the player model on first spawn. Fixed an issue where the M99 was misaligned on the weapon table in the Range level, which made it difficult to pick up. Fixed a Level of Detail issue where the Covered cosmetic would look incorrect at various distances Fixed an issue with the camo materials on the Uniform Camo Torso variationsGameplayWeapon Upgrade Fixes: Added the 2x Kobra sight to the Insurgent Competitive Flanker and Assaulter classes. Added the 2x Kobra sight to Uzi for the Insurgent Competitive Flanker. Added the 3x QBZ-03 scope to the Insurgent Competitive Assaulter class. Added the 1.5x PKAS sight to the TOZ and AK74U for the Insurgent Competitive Flanker class. Added the 7x scopes to the Competitive Sharpshooter class.Visual ImprovementsAdded new first person run, walk, sprint, Hardcore sprint, and Slow Movement mutator sprint animations for all primary, secondary, and launcher weapons, which will now sync visually with their relevant footstep audio events Improved the visual appearance of pistols, melee weapons, and grenades in the Loadout menu. Improved the visual appearance of the Molotov rag physics. Added new slide animations Added new mine planting and mine priming third person animation sequences. Fixed a clipping issue involving the combination of the Covered and softshell jacket cosmetics.MapsAllUpdated soundscape overrides for all player spawns so when spawning in any location other than outdoors, you will automatically receive the correct environment sounds and weapon switch. HillsidePotential fix for Firefight West not loading correctly and causing server crashes. Fixed an issue where you could capture Checkpoint Security objective F from outside of the building. Fixed an issue where the Checkpoint Security objective F capture area was not fully including all parts of the room as it should. Tweaked exposure to make it less dark when looking straight into a bright light source. Summit[/b] Fixed an issue where you could capture Frontline objective F by laying prone behind a certain set of sandbags that blocked the window. Fixed an issue where crouch jumping and landing on a specific set of walls may have caused the character to land incorrectly. Fixed an issue where the player could get to an exploitable position in the rubble on the market side Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck between an awning and cliff near objective B on Firefight East. Fixed an issue where the player could reach an exploitable spot near objective A push Insurgents. Fixed an overlapping mesh at objective C on Push Insurgents. Fixed an issue where the player could reach an exploitable spot by pixel-walking near objective E on Summit Skirmish.Precinct Fixed an issue where the player could become stuck on a ledge of a wall after vaulting. Hideout Fixed an issue where the restricted area for Security was not fully covering objective A[/list]View the full article
  14. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  15. Greetings! I hope this post finds all of you well and in good spirits. If you’re new to the State of Production posts, this is the second edition. You can review the first one here. As I hope you are all aware of and happily experiencing, we recently released Update 1.4, and so far, we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback. Of the negative feedback we received, we were able to be immediately reactive, via a hotfix, and the changes have since been well-received. We are also aware of the playlist population issues, and we are working on ways to improve those populations (feedback is welcome!) Overall, the studio is really pleased with the way things have been going, and we continue to introduce, optimize, and re-evaluate our internal production processes. I have a lot of exciting new developments to share with all of you, so I’m going to dive right into it. What was the studio up to for the last month?Since my first post, we’ve continued to build the studio; both in terms of infrastructure, as well as in terms of personnel. Infrastructure: We’ve now got a dedicated meeting room (the construction was actually completed Tuesday, September 10th, the same day as the update!). Check out the picture[imgur.com]; it’s not too fancy yet; we’re still adding carpet, some sound-proofing/echo paneling, getting a bigger and more appropriate-sized table, and preparing to hook up a big-screen television for digital conferencing. Additionally, the rest of the office is starting to come together! We’ve installed dividers, started partitioning off different sections of the building to help compartmentalize teams a bit, and built quite a few more new computers for the team. We’re actively shopping and preparing to get some streaming equipment so that we can re-initialize measures like having the team live-stream with the community. Speaking of which… Personnel: I’m super excited to announce all the additions to the team! Since I last posted, we’ve hired a dedicated Community Manager, /u/NWI_DaraDef! As she acclimates and continues to take over the reins of community development and community outreach, she’ll likely become a more omnipresent force on this sub. We love her, and we’re sure you will too! We’ve built out our internal Quality Assurance team; we now have dedicated internal manual testing capabilities, and over the next few weeks, the infrastructure to support and utilize automated testing will come online as well. Our QA Engineer started on Monday, September 16th. Along with him, we’ve hired 2 additional QA testers to help refine and sharpen our internal test efforts. Additionally, one of these testers will be bolstering our player-support efforts, as we continue to flesh out an internal support division to help our players troubleshoot technical issues and create documentation and a knowledge base on how to resolve common problems. Regarding Performance and OptimizationAlong with building up an internal support division to help us better understand how we can best serve our players and customers moving forward, we’ve additionally been scraping feedback and data from across various forums and mediums across the internet. The most common, singular feedback item observed and reported, generally speaking, has been heard loud and clear. “Fix the game’s performance problems.” “The game doesn’t run well on my machine.” “The game needs to be optimized to run better.” When I first started with New World Interactive, I had a hypothesis that performance was the biggest obstacle faced by the studio. In the 3 months I’ve been here, that talking point has only become louder and more prevalent. I want to be 100% clear on this: We have heard you, and we are making optimization our number one priority over the next 3 months. I’d like to dive into the details to assuage potential concerns or fears, as well as use this SoP post to address the scope of impact that this decision will have on our roadmap, on our prior commitments that we had hoped to achieve in 2019, and on our path forward. First, I had anticipated the need for this type of initiative. One of the reasons I began with building a support division up was so that we would create and establish better telemetry and reporting mechanisms. By building up our Quality Assurance division, we will now have more bodies and more eyes dedicated to manual testing; this will help us to slowly-yet-steadily re-evaluate pre-existing features and systems within our game, as well as to more thoroughly test future content additions to the game. We will be able to utilize automated testing to help us capture more complex aspects of testing; at night, we’ll be able to run configuration and settings testing 1000’s of times per evening. We’ll be able to automate performance testing captures on dozens of machines with numerous scripted conditions to better understand where we are over-budget in-game, and to identify where we can recover potential performance losses. Effectively, we’ll be able to maximize the amount of testing we can carry out on a day-to-day basis, which should provide us with meaningful data (over time) on where to best focus our efforts for initializing optimization efforts. Second, with the arrival of our community manager and the additional assistance of our testers to assist with player support inquiries, we’ll be able to start collecting, organizing, and tracking player feedback. This will allow us to cross-reference the data we receive from our analytics and testing division, and to weigh it against the more human and personal side of player feedback we receive from our community. Over time, we’ll be able to analyze this information and create action items for our art, design, and programming teams. We should also see a substantial uptick in our scope of support, such as faster response times to troubleshooting inquiries, more activity and dialogue on our forums across the internet, and more relevant and thorough troubleshooting documentation and techniques to ensure that our players aren’t blocked out from being able to play our game. Third, as a result of this initiative, we’ve been re-evaluating our roadmap to make sure that, moving forward, when we make a commitment to our playerbase, that we can deliver. If we can’t deliver, at the very least, we’ll be able to message so more accurately, more directly, more quickly so that expectations can be managed accordingly. We’re beginning to ramp up our production team as well, and we recently just put up postings for Game Producers[newworldinteractive.com]. This will help us to ensure that bugs and tasks are being distributed, messaged, and tracked more accurately and efficiently, as well as to ensure that we are staying on time, within budget, and within scope. Plus, you can work with me! :) Lastly, we’re working with NVIDIA to help us with performance analysis and evaluation. Given that we’ve seen several references to people having performance challenges with high-end graphics cards, we’re sending off a few builds to evaluate GPU optimization for these top-end cards. While it's too early to determine what the results will be, we'll be able to get a better handle on where in our optimization process specifically we need to focus to improve performance. While we already know we have a lot of drain on the CPU end of things, we're hoping to get more information on that and other factors through this testing. We’re optimistic that we’ll get some great starting points, given that the last time we had this game reviewed by a leading rendering expert was actually right before we initially launched nearly a year ago! Console Release AnnouncementAs I mentioned in my original SoP post, the console version is coming. At the time of my previous post, I wasn’t comfortable releasing the details related to our console release. Now, I have all my ducks in order, and I’m ready to present the news to the community. Insurgency: Sandstorm will officially be coming to consoles in the Spring of 2020. After evaluating the scope of concerns regarding optimizations, back in July, we began a dialogue internally and with our publisher, Focus Home Interactive (FHI), about how to best proceed forward with releasing on console. Given the studio’s history, we didn’t have a lot of pre-existing experience internally relating to console porting, optimization, navigating console TRC (Technical Requirement Checklists), etc. Our CEO, Jeremy Blum, began exploring co-development partnerships earlier in the summer with FHI. The hope was that we could work alongside some talented developers who could help us navigate these challenges and the process itself, while simultaneously freeing up some bandwidth internally to continue generating new content + optimizing the game further for our PC audience. Effectively, by finding a partner to assist with console development, we can substantially expedite our own efforts at optimization while also getting some fresh eyes/additional perspective on recommended adjustments and changes. We recently finalized our agreement with a console co-development partner. We’ve chosen to move forward with Black Tower Studios, and we are super excited to announce the partnership! We’re also pretty excited to announce a few select things regarding the console release. We’ll be releasing a time-sensitive, console-exclusive map for approximately 2 weeks when we launch. After 2 weeks, we’ll release this map on PC as well, but we thought this would be a fun way to give console players something to “own” and get excited about when paired with the release. We will reveal more information about this map in the near future :) Furthermore, as we close in on the release date, we’ll be doing all sorts of contests and giveaways within our community, ranging from things like an Insurgency Console, signed copies of the game, and merchandise! We’re hopeful that the community is as excited as we are to finally be able to talk about this. I fully anticipate a load of questions, and I’ll be fielding those questions on this topic specifically. How do these decisions impact the future?The short answer? In the best way possible! As we make a huge push towards optimization, some of our creative content has been pushed back and delayed to be released later down the road. As a result, we’ll be steadily releasing all sorts of new content to the community, and in a better state, that should keep everyone excited. If you look at how much content we’ve released since the game first launched, we hope it will become clear that we stand by our titles beyond a release date. For example, we’ve introduced over half a dozen new weapons, 3 maps, 4 new game modes, and a large quantity of new cosmetic items and camouflages... and we have many more additions yet to come! As we don’t believe in annualizing editions of our game from a philosophical standpoint, all the changes and adjustments we make over time are done so with the belief that we’re going to expand and improve upon our pre-existing product. We’re super committed to our players, and we want to reinforce our continuous support to our fans. As more and more production guidelines are rolled out, we should have tighter, cleaner production cycles pertaining to future sprints. In ClosingThis wraps up the second SOP blog. It’s not as wide-scale or as robust as the first one, but a lot of my next month is simply going to entail the creation of new processes, the refinement of old processes, training, and working on some more under-the-hood initiatives. We’re all pretty excited with the way things are shaping up. Comments. Concerns, or questions? Leave them here and I’ll address them as best as I am able. We’ll also be hosting an AMA tomorrow, Thursday, September 19 at 1pm MST, to discuss this blog in more detail with all of you :D Here is a link to the AMA thread! P.S: Wanted to share some pictures of the team as well. This is roughly ¼ of the team as we still have many re-positioning to join the core group, but I thought it’d be cool to share with the community to remind everyone that we’re a super small team! :D Check it out here[imgur.com]. Although we are posting this announcement on Steam for visibility, we would like to direct all users to our post on Reddit if you would like to comment or be involved in the discussion. Our team will be actively monitoring that thread, and we will also be hosting a live Q&A tomorrow, so go subscribe to https://www.reddit.com/r/insurgency/ View the full article

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