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Rocket League

02 February 2018 - 09:14 PM

Rocket League

​Type of game- Sports/ Car Soccer

​Cost- $19.99 USD

​Available platforms- PC, XBOX 360, PS4


This game encourages teamwork play, which when done correctly can lead to some of the best satisfaction and rewarding feelings. The concept is simple: Car + Boost + soccer ball/hockey puck/ basket ball + Teams= Hilarity and solid competition. If you like sports this game takes you out of the monotony and throws a twist into it. Many cars to choose from for you to get your style, tons and tons of customization options from wheels to paint skins/decals, to hats and more. You can get ultra rare items that everyone is yearning for and trade them, the community for the game is growing rapidly. Loot crates if you're into that stuff, so I recommend you be careful not to dig yourself a hole. The trade scene is awesome in the game/community and crates can be traded for items, just gotta find the right person that has what you're lookin for.


Some Pros'

-Good community

-Challenging and Rewarding

-Teamwork based (HEAVILY)

-Updated regularly-ish, game is still growing! lots of things can happen!

-Dev's listen to community feedback

-Growing community

Note- This game is a full game, but is still having game modes and such added to it over an extended timeline. 


I have played 254hrs of this game. One of my favorites so far, tons of fun with friends. Has the option for private party games of up to 4players per team. Different settings for powerups/ vanilla or even super bouncy ball. It's a different game from the typical shooter side of things, it's growin fast, and has a more lighthearted feel.... when you're not getting super competitive.

Branching out to DOI possibility?

23 September 2017 - 08:38 PM

Hello all!

I understand I'm not that well known seeing as I dont play ET, however, i'm an avid gamer on the FA servers for insurgency. In the year i've been a member i've made some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Lately ive been playing some other games like Day of Infamy and Running With Rifles. After 90 matches of DOI i've gotten a lot of people curious about FA and what it means to be a member of a clan. DOI being relatively fresh has brought lots of new players to the scene. Myself, Pabbat Blue, Duemo, Armory, and our favorite lone wolf gamer Rocket Punch have all been recognized as regulars on DOI. With this kind of exposure, with this kind of support there could be an exponential growth in applicants. (im not saying they will all check out and be member material) but the opportunity is ripe for the taking, i've only seen a few people with tags playing the game. the ones that dont have it say they wish there were more custom servers with maps and mod support etc etc. looking at insurgency, we went from two 8 spot servers to 3 servers of which are the top servers most of the time! That speaks volumes! I want to truly contribute to this clan, more so than just monetarily. I want to aid in growth and spread the FA name. i understand insurgency servers are still relatively fresh, but the popularity of games going back to WWII era is climbing and i believe a server for DOI would do quite well. The COOP for DOI is very popular at peak and non peak times. there are options as to being american/german/commonwealth, each with their own challenges/advantages. All i ask is that this be considered to whatever extent it be deemed worthy. 


Thank you for your consideration,


Insurgency Server DL

17 August 2017 - 06:52 PM

Just giving everyone a heads up as to noted discrepancies within the servers. Primarily noted with the hardcore server: Lagging issues even with <100ms ping is becoming more prominent, especially with increased number of players. As far as a proposed solution... i'm stuck on that one. Another noted issue is what i can only describe as a light reset. the screen with fade out to black for about a second, all sound goes away and then you are glitched a few feet from where you were prior to the occurrence with objects/enemies clipping in and out for about another 2 seconds-ish until things stablize, is a repeating problem even on the same map. If any advice is out there for ways to prevent/ rectify these issues that would be appreciated and I will do my best to route them through the proper chain.

Trend Analysis Tips and Tricks

31 October 2016 - 02:59 PM

Saw people use this as a way to buy and sell stuff, just wanted to throw out a line of help for anyone looking to get into trend analysis to help with stock portfolio or penny stocks etc etc. Not looking to profit out of this. Seeing as my job is heavily centered around trend analysis for operating a reactor, i've also been taught how to apply it to stock market trends. All this would be for is consultation on how to go about actually reading a trend. Will not influence your decision. I just want to help those who arent sure what they are looking at and see if i can actually use what i have spent 3+ years learning to help someone else.